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We have often used the web for purchasing from stores we already shop offline at. JC Penny’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc.

The time came where my husband was doing one of his projects and we were searching for custom doors that matched our existing cabinets. During my online quest I found Carrying unfinished MDF doors in any size you want with a choice of designs to match your existing cabinetry.

We placed an order and were told the shipping costs would be calculated after wards and that we’d be sent an email with the total shipping cost figures. Being a bit apprehensive I called the company to get a definite quote on the shipping. The sales rep. told me the standard shipping was approximately $5-$7 a door. I confirmed with her that the most I’d have to pay, according to her calculations, was $28. She agreed and we continued to allow our order to be processed.

I, then, received an email with a figure of over $90 for shipping and handling. Needless to say my blood pressure rose a bit. I sent an email to the company to ask why the huge difference. I was told this was the cost and that the figure I’d been given over the phone was never stated. Not knowing the quality of the doors I was going to receive I asked to have my order canceled. The principal of the situation upset me more than the shipping costs.

Shortly after this I received an email from the owner stating that his company was not in the practice of cheating folks, misleading them or otherwise and he’d give me the doors for the shipping I’d been quoted. Good business practice and appreciated, yet his email sent me flying once again. I hadn’t questioned the company’s business practices, nor had I accused them of misleading me. I was merely asking why the shipping charges had changed. A concern any online purchaser should, and would want to satisfy. After all, it was I was the one taking the chance in ordering an unseen product.

The doors arrived. I will say they are the best made MDF doors I’ve seen. I was more impressed than I had anticipated being. My husband, being a woodworker, was amazed at the perfect cuts. We have since recommended Naked Doors to other folks we know who are re-facing kitchen cabinets or just looking for a custom fit door.

My only suggestion to the company is that they enhance their website to supply shipping costs during the ordering process prior to an order submission. It’s an easy code and would certainly prevent any further misunderstandings. Other than that I can’t say a bad thing about this company. They stand by their product and the customer. I’d highly recommend to anyone in need of a custom unfinished door.

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