Review of New Glade, Fall Collection, Apple Cinnamon Room Spray

Fall is coming early, at least in local super centers. This past month I have come across a new fall scented home fragrance when out shopping, and without even thinking about it, I snatch them up before they are gone. Fall scents are my top favorites, and with this summer being a hot, humid and long one, I was happy that I had been given the early opportunity to embrace fall; even if it was just through a few selection of fall fragrances.

Glade is already lining shelves with their Fall Collection of fragrances, and thus far, I could not be happier.

2 weeks ago, I picked up their Maple Pumpkin, and Autumn Harvest scents, and this week I got lucky and found yet one more additional scent in their fall collection, called Apple Cinnamon.

I really like the way Glade has their fall collection packaged, in rustic looking spray cans, with a really cute farm like grandmas vibe going on. This particular can is all red, with a simple photo of an apple pie on it.

Apple fragrances have been around since the fall season, and every year competitors of room sprays and candles go head to head to create one of the best scents possible. Some make the mark, right down to the mouth watering juiciness of an apple, and others miss it.

When it comes to Glades, Apple Cinnamon room spray, what you are left with after spraying it around the room, is a quick and delicious burst of apple pie, with just the right amount of sugary cinnamon to back up the apple fragrance.

All in all, this one smells like an authentic apple pie, with a tad of cinnamon to set it apart from other apple scented sprays.


Most room sprays do not last long, that is just a given. When it comes to this particular spray, the scent does not stick around for too long. In fact it was one of the weaker ones in the entire fall collection.

I got about 7 minutes of scent that was detectable in the air till the scent completely died out.


The lasting power on Glade’s Apple Cinnamon room spray is weak, but the scent is definitely mouth watering and delicious. For me it is a mood enhancer as it reminds me if my favorite time of year. I definitely wish the scent would stick around longer, but for what it is, it works for me.

A quick jolt of fall flavors, and I like it.

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