Review of New Glade Maple Pumpkin, Limited Edition Candle

When I first inhaled the gorgeous fragrance of Glade’s new limited edition Maple Pumpkin, I scooped up the room spray and the candle. I have purchased Glade candles in the past, with nothing but excellent results, and I expected nothing short of excellence when it came to this particular fragrance.

In The Jar Unlit:

Glade’s Maple Pumpkin Candle smelled like absolute country time kitchen heaven when I first sniffed it in the store, while it was still in its package. I hoped when I got it home and lit it, that it would deliver this same spiced pumpkin fragrance.

Scent While Lit:

The Maple Pumpkin candle began to disperse its scent nearly the moment it was lit. At first it begins to deliver a syrupy note of maple, which is very pancake like, but the pumpkin fragrance which is a nice creamy mix of pumpkin pie and cinnamon baking in the oven slides in with the maple fragrance, which creates a warm and delicious atmosphere to your home. The pumpkin pie fragrance is so authentic, that you will feel as if you have one baking in the oven.

The Last:

The scent sticks around for about an hour after you extinguish the candles flame. For me, that is about as perfect as a candle can get, and for the low price I paid for it, it cannot be beaten.


If you are a lover of fall fragrances, like I am, this candle will not disappoint. It will quickly flood your home with the essence of fall, and the trickery that you are baking a pumpkin pie when guests arrive. It is a limited edition scent from Glade’s Fall Collection, so if you do happen to stumble upon it, scoop it up.

Where To Buy:

Although we are still in the summer season, I picked this one up the second I saw it at my local Walmart. I have not seen it being sold anywhere else as of yet.

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