Review of Satya Sai Baba Incense Sticks- Jasmine Blossom

Being a fan of Nag Champa since I was a teenager, I was thrilled to learn of all of the other fragrant incense sticks that Satya Sai Baba had to offer.

I came across a 12 scent sample box which featured a box of Jasmine Blossom. I was most excited to try this one, because I felt it would stand out more than others in the sampler box. Well, it did. Sadly not for good reasons!

Jasmine Blossom, when unlit smelled great, with a high note of floral tones that peaked my curiosity.
The incense stick was not that same grainy stick that I get from the original Nag Champa. Jasmine Blossom is darker and not at all grainy in texture, and it even got oily when I lit it. This made me think that the scent would be strong, powerful and the thought of the flowery mix seeping through my home made me smile.

When Lit:

I hated Jasmine Blossom just moments after its foul scent began to permeate through the air. The flower scents I smelled when the stick was not lit had transformed into something more pungent and sour once it began to burn.

The overall note, smelled like cat urine. My house suddenly went from smelling good, to smelling as if I moved a cat lady into the home, and invited all 40 of her cats to use my carpet as their litter box.

I tried to give it a chance, and refused to put the punk out. I let it continue to foul up the house, hoping that I could erase the thought from my senses that this one indeed smelled like a dirty cat lady’s home, and that maybe I would smell something else from it. Only it never happened, from start to finish, soggy, moldy, old cat urine was all I got.


Disgusting. Skip this one like the plague, unless you like the smell of cat urine everywhere, skip it!

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