Review of Satya Sai Baba Incense Sticks- Midnight

Over the past few months I have managed to gather up quite a collection of Satya incense stick fragrances. Some have managed to win me over so much so that I continue to purchase them the moment I run out of my stock.

I came across Midnight, which comes in a black package. I was drawn to it immediately because I could smell the scent through the box, which told me that Midnight would deliver a potent fragrance once it was actually lit.

The box it comes in fits right in with the Satya family of incense sticks, so it is very easy to recognize on shelves. The black color of course will set it apart from the rest.

Like many Satya incense sticks, the incense on this stick is more powdery in nature. Some come as as thicker sticks and feature no gritty powdery substances on them. I find that when Satya makes their sticks gritty, they tend to burn a tad faster, but smell a lot more potent.

Many of the fragrances made by Satya have that original and delicious Nag Champa chime, and Midnight is no exception. When lit you definitely get a hit of strong Nag Champa fragrances that will swirl through the air.

Unlike Satya’s original Nag Champa though, Midnight features deeper and darker undertones that drift through the air when lit. There is a very woodsy note to it that many will appreciate. It is however very similar to Nag Champa in general, but with subtle little differences that true fans will easily pick up on.

Burn Time:

One stick when lit will burn for about 25-30 minutes. However the scent is delicious and eve after the stick burns out, the scent will linger for nearly an hour in the room that it was lit in.


Fans of Nag Champa will like the darker deep woodsy fragrance that Midnight delivers. It is worth the buy, and one of my newest favorites in the line of scents available by Satya.

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