Review of Sterilite Expandable Cutlery Tray

We did a complete remodel of our kitchen last summer, and I am still rearranging storage areas and adding new organizers. There was one drawer I didn’t use much that turned into a junk drawer, so I decided to clean it out and put in a cutlery tray for our good silverware. Until now, it has been stored away in a wooden cutlery case, and has been a hastle to get out when needed.

I initially wanted to purchase a second expandable bamboo cutlery tray (like I have my everyday silverware in), but it was too large for my drawer. After spending a good 10 minutes comparing similar products I ended up buying a Sterilite Expandable Cutlery Tray. It fits my drawer nearly perfectly from end to end, and expands to fit the width exactly.

This tray is available in white, and the closed size is 15″ long by 12 1/2″ wide and 2 5/8″ high. It expands to 21″ wide! If you have a wide drawer, this would be a super efficient way to store flatware. There are 8 compartment configurations, one long section for dinner knives, and four sections for forks and spoons all rest parallel to each other. There is a smaller, wider compartment adjacent at the top, that works really well for storing larger items like can openers. The two end sections that appear when the unit is expanded to it’s full size give a very large area for storage. You get the full 15″ in length at your disposal, and the width will depend on how wide your drawer is. My drawer wasn’t super wide, so I chose to give myself the extra room by only expanding out one end instead of both.

The material is a very sturdy plastic, and is made with a matte finish. It is dishwasher safe, so maintaining the cleanliness is quite easy.

The only aspect of this tray that I thought was chincy was the non-slip rubber feet that were included. There are four recessed holes in each of the four corners, and these black rubber “feet” are supposed to slip into the holes. There is a paper that then peels off so these will stick to the bottom of your drawer. First, the feet don’t stay in the little holes (they need to be sticky on both sides, and second there is not enough stickiness to adhere to the drawer. They are pretty much worthless. A good idea indeed, but not well designed.

This was purchased for $3.50, so it is a great bargain! It definitely helps me to organize my good flatware, and I use the larger expandable ends to store my matching serving pieces such as the gravy ladel, meat fork, and large serving spoons. I love it!

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