Review of The White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou, China

The White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou, China is a luxury hotel that prides itself on its service. This five star hotel is located on Shamian Island by the famous Pearl River and is surrounded by fantastic restaurants and shops catering to visitors.

Walking into the three story high atrium, guests are met by a waterfall surrounded by lush greenery, with a fish pond at its base and a small pagoda on top. On the ground floor are several shops where one can find everything from fine art to cereal. Numerous fitness facilities are available for guests of the White Swan. In addition to tennis courts, squash courts, a golf driving range and a workout gym, there are a sauna and two swimming pools, including a picturesque semi-hidden waterfall pool in the garden. A hair salon is located on site, as well as a beauty salon offering treatments such as facials and massages.

The White Swan Hotel houses many excellent restaurants offering Asian and Western cuisine and ranging in price from somewhat expensive to ridiculously expensive. As an alternative there are tons of fantastic restaurants nearby and several places, such as Danny’s Bagel, that will deliver to your room

Rooms are well appointed, with attractive beds, table, chairs and desk. The television features both Chinese and English programming, with popular Western stations such as HBO and CNN. There is a mini-bar / refrigerator, a hot pot for boiling water and the White Swan provides two complimentary bottles of mineral water each day. A floor attendant is available to help guests at all hours and arrives at the room each night to deliver chocolates and turn down the bed.

The streets of Shamian Island are lined with shops catering to tourists. Jade chess sets, hand painted snuff bottles, chopsticks, customized chops (name stamps), cloisonnÃ?© vases and more can all be found just steps from the doors of the White Swan. Bargaining is the name of the game and the locals expect it, so don’t be shy about asking for a lower price.

Finally, while its location next to the American Embassy makes the White Swan the hotel of choice for Americans seeking visas for their newly adopted Chinese babies, the hotel seems to group these new families together on the same floors so as not to disturb other guests.

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