Review of the Boppy Pillow for Baby and Mom

One of the greatest inventions that any nursing mother can appreciate is the Boppy Pillow. The Boppy, introduced in 1990, is a horseshoe shaped pillow that serves several functions over the course of baby’s first year or so. It’s a funny pillow with a funny name but I can’t part with mine.

I got my Bobby as a gift when I was pregnant with my first child. I loved it so much, not only did I save it for my future children, I never even put it away into storage. Five years later, I have a newborn once again and the Boppy pillow is a big part of my life once more.

In the beginning, it helps support the baby while nursing. This saves Mom’s arms and back. It gives just enough lift to place the baby right at nipple latching level. Other people appreciate using the Bobby when holding or playing with the baby too. Baby enjoys laying in the Boppy for its swaddling effect.

The Boppy’s shape is also great for Mom. Right after giving birth vaginally, sitting is uncomfortable. Sitting on top of the Boppy provides immediate relief.

As the baby gets older, the Boppy pillow is a great place to place him. He can lay across it on his tummy and exercise those neck and arm muscles, he can lay on his back and look at the world around him or play with a gym attachment. When he can’t quite sit up on his own, the Boppy pillow supports him and cushions him as he topples about as he learns how to sit up.

The Boppy pillow is machine washable and machine dryable. Slipcovers are available for the Boppies as well. The Boppy website says that a Boppy will last up to a year if cared for properly but I used mine extensively for 15 months with my first child and it’s still in excellent shape.

The Boppy Pillow line retails for between $19.99 and $50 depending on which Boppy is picked. In addition to the standard Boppy, they have Boppies designed for prenatal use, lumbar support, back support with aromatherapy, a pregnancy wedge, a 5-in-1 activity gym, a newborn lounger, a newborn head support and even Boppy travel bag.

The Boppy travel bag is designed with the mom who can’t part with her Boppy in mind. It’s a diaper bag large enough to take the Boppy on the go. While I can’t part with my Boppy and take it with me on trips to Grandma’s house, I can’t say I need a special bag for it.

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