Review of the Hyundai Santa Fe

My Santa Fe Hyundai is one of the best vehicles I’ve ever owned. I bought mine used in 2003 (it’s a 2001). As a small SUV, it has lots of space, both in passenger carriage and in cargo storage. It also drives well, gets decent gas mileage, runs well, and has a stylish, curvy design.

The interior is well done. The Santa Fe seats five people comfortably with plenty of leg and headroom. It has a back hatch that opens up (with an easy to grab handle) for a great deal of storage. Also, the back seats fold down easily to store or carry larger items. Small to medium sized families would find it to be a good size for a primary or secondary car. The seats are comfortable, the cupholders, console, and small storage spaces are all easily accessible and built to use space well.

The Santa Fe also handles well. It has a fair turning radius, especially for a vehicle of its size, and drives well both on the highway and in the city, though it does a little better on the highway. I have driven all over the country in mine, and it has done very well. The gas mileage is ok, about 18-20 mpg in the city, and the tank holds about 15 gallons. Also, although it is an automatic, the Santa Fe can be driven as a standard, minus the clutch (the gear shift has the regular automatic shifts as well as the standard shifts)-either way, it shifts well. However, the acceleration is a little lacking-sometimes the Santa Fe doesn’t have the power to get up to speed quickly.

Not only does it handle well on the road, it also runs well. In the few years that I have owned mine, I have had to do very little maintenance to it-and then only minor details. For instance, I had to get the locking device on the gas latch repaired. Also, Hyundai offers a ten year, 100,000 mile warranty, so most repairs are covered. The oil compartment is easily accessible, although the hood is heavier than most.

The design of the car is also nice-the style is quite unique. Many people have commented on the design of my car. It has a curvy, almost feminine feel about it, which will to appeal to a wide range of people.

All in all, the Santa Fe is a great vehicle. I would recommend it for families, couples, or even singles like me who have to move stuff on a regular basis.

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