Review of the Kodak EasyShare Digital Camera

I adore my Kodak EasyShare C340 digital camera. It is the 5.0 Megapixel, 3x optical zoom, and with a 5x continuous digital zoom. It is amazing and small. I can take it anywhere with me! It has several different settings for all different types of pictures, such as close-ups and landscape photos. There is a setting for portrait photos of a person or subject, a night time setting, a sport setting for pictures of a subject in motion, a setting for distant scenery, one for video, yes, I said video. Of course there is also a simple setting for general picture taking. It is the easiest camera I have ever used in my life, and it takes quality photos up to 20 x 30 in. The 5.0 mega pixel resolution is incredible:2576 x1932 pixels. This camera has 16 color modes and low-light auto focus. I have literally taken a picture outside at night and it has been amazingly clear.

The Kodak EasyShare 5.0 Megapixel digital camera comes with 16 MB of internal memory and an expansion slot for even more memory! I bought 256 MB for mine and I have saved over 200 pictures on it at one time. It may save more, I don’t know because I have never tried. I usually download mine onto my computer after I have taken about 100 pictures. I use rechargeable batteries and they last pretty long before I have to recharge them. This digital camera is very convenient and easy to use even for beginners. The settings for different types of pictures is right on top of the camera and all you have to do is turn the dial to the setting you wish to use. The lens is a 34-102 and is the equivalent of a 35 millimeter.

I have worked as a professional photographer in a well-established portrait studio and the photographs I have taken on my own with my Kodak EasyShare have been just as nice and clear and lovely to look at.

There is a small screen on the back of the camera where you can view your photograph and you can also crop it right on the camera if you choose. The on-camera menu gives you the choices of taking color, black and white, or sepia pictures. The camera has red-eye reduction and built-in flash. I feel very dependent on this camera when I go anywhere and when I stay home. I know I will have quality photographs which I can view right away. This is a reliable camera that anyone can use , even for important events such as weddings and graduations. It is enjoyable to use and it comes with a book to help you learn how to take the best photos with this camera.

Being a photographer, I looked for an affordable camera to use until I could get one that was more expensive. However, I’ve had my Kodak EasyShare for almost a year and I have no plans on looking for a new camera anytime soon because I am completely satisfied. The only thing I plan to buy is a Kodak EasyShare dock.

My camera is definitely my favorite item that I own right now. I enjoy taking photographs of my children, my dogs, nature pictures such as mountains and lakes, holiday photos, weather photos such as lightning and storm clouds, and basically everything interesting that I come across. It has provided me with an affordable way to take hundreds of fantastic pictures. I don’t know how I’d live without it!

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