Review of the LG Tromm Steam Washer

I never thought I would find myself spending $1,200 on a washing machine. Our old Maytag finally gave up the ghost a month ago and we took over a week to determine what brand and model we should replace it with (no way was I going to let that lonely, creepy Maytag repair guy in my house!). Meanwhile, the laundry piled up.

After several days of research I finally found myself late one Sunday afternoon calling appliance stores in hopes of obtaining a LG Tromm Steam Washer and matching dryer and getting it delivered in time to have clean pants, shirts, and unmentionables for work on Monday morning. The local Best Buy said, yes, they had them in stock at the warehouse and I could pick it up that day, but the warehouse would close at 6 PM. It was 3:30.

We were considering the awesome blue color for our new washer, but one glance at the price difference for the same model in white vs. blue made us decide that white was a very nice color indeed.

I rushed to the store, made the purchase of a white LG Tromm steam washer and dryer, and then drove over to the distribution center, which fortunately was only 20 minutes away. My wife was elated when I arrived home with our new laundry units strapped in the bed of her pick-up. After about two hours disconnecting the old, connecting the new, and reading the instructions we were ready for the initial trial run to ensure the new washing machine was nice and level. The instructions said to run a test cycle using 6 lbs of laundry. We guessed at it and shoved a hefty comforter and several bath towels into the machine. We had a rented DVD movie to watch that night but didn’t get around to it. Instead my wife and I sat mesmerized watching the back and forth tumbling and spinning of the clothes in our new 4.0 capacity front-loader. We kept getting pleasant little surprises like the cool blue LED light that illuminated the interior of the drum, and the musical tone it emitted as we turned it on.

The test run went fine and it was time to start a real load. My wife had the thing stuffed with more than three times the amount of laundry we had ever run in our old machine and she was getting ready to fill the detergent drawer with soap when I finally read the part of the user manual that said only to use high efficiency detergent. It was past midnight. But there was a week’s worth of laundry waiting and nothing to wear tomorrow, so off to the store I went.

I returned with the correct detergent and we processed our first official load. When it finished, we were astonished at how well the 1320 rpm spin cycle had taken the water out of the clothes. Drying time was cut in half as a result.

It’s been over a month and the LG Tromm isn’t as entertaining now because it’s so quiet and efficient as it sits in the laundry room and does its job. We don’t even think about it any more unless we’re loading or unloading it. My wife loves the capacity and all the wonderful features, especially the steam functions that remove wrinkles and freshen clothes that don’t need a full washing. She never has to iron anymore and she now does in one load what used to require three. There have been no problems with leaks (something I saw complaints about on line with other front-loader brands), and the controls are easy to understand while providing amazing flexibility in cycle options. The blue LED display panel on the front would make the LG Tromm Steam Washer a perfect fit for the laundry room of the Starship Enterprise.

Less water usage, cleaner clothes, and faster laundry processing have really made the LG Tromm Steam Washer worth the purchase price for us.

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