Review of the PowerTouch Learning System by Fisher-Price

A few years ago, I bought my daughter a PowerTouch Unit for Christmas. What an immediate hit. Fisher-Price has come up with a real winner with their PowerTouch Learning System. The Power Touch is an electronic unit that accepts compatible books. A child activates the system by simply touching a picture or a word on the pages. This interactivity keeps the child engaged and teaches at the same time.

The PowerTouch teaches reading, phonics, comprehension, spelling, math, vocabulary, problem solving, and telling time. Each book insert is packed with stories, music and activities. For example, touching a gingerbread cookie while in music mode activates the melody from the song, “Run, Run as Fast as You Can”. Touch a trumpet and the trumpet will toot, touch a set of piano keys and the corresponding notes will play. Many of the pictures are labeled and when touched, the PowerTouch either speaks the word, spells it or sounds it out phonetically.

With all the modes Fisher-Price’s PowerTouch has, each book offers a new experience whenever it’s in use. At about $15 apiece, this makes the books an extra good value as the kids never seem to tire of them. The PowerTouch unit comes with two starter books, Sesame Street and School Skills. These are fine to start out with but children will eventually need more, especially as they get older and their skills progress.

The PowerTouch is designed for children 3-8 years old. Books for the PowerTouch come with software chips that are inserted into the unit and are broken down into various grade levels from Kindergarten through second grade. Friendly characters such as Clifford the Big Red Dog, Elmo, the cast of Dragon Tales, Dora the Explorer and more star in the PowerTouch books. In addition to story books, interactive games for the PowerTouch are also available.

The PowerTouch itself requires 4 AA alkaline batteries which last a long time. I can’t say I’ve replaced the batteries more than once or twice since we’ve owned it. The only thing I dislike about it is that the volume is too loud. The sliding volume control is too accessible to the child allowing them to turn it up full blast. A parental override so only parents could adjust it would be nice.

Even though we’ve had the PowerTouch for a few years my daughter still loves it. Fisher-Price releases new books periodically and has various levels allowing the PowerTouch to keep up with my daughter’s ever increasing skills.

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