Review of the Powerchair

When you have the need for greater mobility and helping with family outings here is the POWERCHAIR. It gives you the ability to go places like shopping, parks, family outings, visit friends, or family, wherever you need to go. In most cities you will be allowed to get around with the public transportation or you may want to get a wheelchair van to meet your needs. Here in Waverly Ohio the CCAT’S Bus is a very useful convenience for people with mobility problems.

People with disabilities will enjoy the great comfort and ease of this fine mobile chair. Get out with your powerchair and enjoy life. You are now able with this chair to climb small inclines small hills, go into the grass and down the street. No more sitting inside the house on nice days. The comfort of home outside with this chair is a big plus. It is not your easy chair, although it may feel much the same.

The person has the chair ordered specifically to meet their personal mobility problems. Since every one has different needs, they are sure to meet as many of your needs possible. Mine chair was purchased through The Scooter Store. They ordered it for my personal needs.

When your doctor says you are in need of more mobility, he writes a prescription to order that you be checked by the specialist so Medicare can be notified that you are in need of a powerchair. The reason for this, because Medicare has it set up that you have to be checked out by the specialist. This is so every need is sure to be met while using your powerchair.

When they say it is very important for your mobility it only takes a very short time before you are riding around your neighborhood in style and comfort seeing all your family, friends, walking your dog, looking at the flowers in yards, whatever you enjoy.

People will take notice while you are riding around in your chair. They will stop and talk to you as you pass them by asking about the weather or just passing time in conversation. They will make an effort in helping you feel more secure about yourself instead of how you were before your mobility. This will help you get to know people you have never talked with in years. They want to know you more on a personal level than ever before. You may even be invited to places that you have never been with people around the block, down the street, going out with family members that were afraid that you would not be able to go anywhere before. This power chair will open up a new world for you.

The model I have is Jet 3 Ultra by Pride Mobility Products Corp. they are located in St. Catharines, On. My powerchair is able to lie all the way down to rest and has leg lifts to add so I can have my legs up for comfort as well. There’s a pocket in the back to place small amount of things so I do not have to hold them. It has a seatbelt so you are secure and will not fall out if you hit a bump. With the joy stick I have full control where I go. With full control of speed that is from low to high range. With full range control you are able to make a 360* turn, using one hand leaving the other hand free to do whatever is important or just relax.

You are able to order things like a cup holder, flag, cane or a walker holder for it so you have them when they are needed at hand, along with many other features may be added for your extra comfort when leaving your home. It comes apart for travel when you really want to go somewhere that has no wheelchair lift. The weight is very heavy and will not just topple over as you travel in the chair.

If it is mobility you need then perhaps the powerchair is for you also. Talk to your doctor and find out what he thinks about you having this wonderful personal transportation.

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