Review of the Rowenta Professional DX8800 Iron

The Rowenta Professional DX8800 Iron is the perfect iron for all of you anti wrinkle fanatics. If you love nothing more than to don a crisp clean shirt that is freshly cooling from the touch of a hot iron, you have to check out the Rowenta Professional DX8800 Iron. It offers a great anti dip feature that prevents the dreaded leaks or water spitting that can leave little watermarks on you clothes when you have to iron at a low temperature. Nothing is worse than a crisp ironed dress shirt that has a watermark right on the front! Silks and rayon also don’t do well when they get water on them either. The Rowenta Professional DX8800 Iron also offers some great safely features that should be standard in all irons. If the iron is not used in an eight minute time period it will automatically shut itself off. Bets of all though, if the Rowenta Professional DX8800 Iron is knocked over or left horizontal it will shut itself off in thirty seconds. These are both great safety futures.

My personal favorite feature of the Rowenta Professional DX8800 Iron is its extra long burst of steam. No need to try and trick you iron into steaming more by picking it up over and over. This iron will steam almost any wrinkle into submission. This is a great feature if you prefer to avoid starch. Steam is the secret to a truly crisp ironed shirt or pant. Professionals know this. A cheap iron cannot give you to the amount of steam it takes to really give a professionally pressed look to your clothing. For extra strength against wrinkles try ironing your shirts and pants on as soft a surface as possible.

Buy an extra foam cover for your ironing board. You could even place a towel over you ironing board. The idea is to allow the stem and heat to circulate through your clothing. A hard surface will not allow this. . To add a little scent to your clothing adds scented water to your Rowenta Professional DX8800 Iron’s water tank. Rosewater and lavender water are great for women. A tiny drop of men’s cologne is great for non-work related clothing for men.

The Rowenta Professional DX8800 Iron offers a stainless steel soleplate that is guaranteed to be scratch resistant. Knowing the soleplate won’t wear out is worth the investment in a good quality iron.

The Rowenta Professional DX8800 Iron retails for about $100 normally. To save a little money try buying it at stores like Bed Bath and Beyond or Linen and Things that offer 10 -20% coupons off in the mail and the Sunday paper. Investing in a Rowenta Professional DX8800 Iron will save you time while you are ironing and save you money at the dry cleaners.

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