Review of the Skil IXO Cordless Screwdriver

The Skil iXO Screwdriver is a power screwdriver that is much smaller than the standard cordless drill commonly used as a power screwdriver. Though smaller than and not as powerful as a cordless drill using a screwdriver bit, the Skil iXO does have a surprising amount of power and a number of uses due to its small size. I purchased a Skil iXO to keep it my tool bag that I carry when working as a handyman. Prices vary, but the Skil iXO commonly sells for about $30.

The Skil iXO uses a 3.6 volt lithium-ion battery. Obviously, the 3.6 volt battery cannot provide the power of a cordless drill, which commonly uses an 18 volt battery. Though you would not want to use the Skil iXO to build a deck, I have used the iXO to drive a few 3″ deck screws to secure a board. For small repairs around the home the Skil has more than enough power. Skil claims that the battery can hold a charge for 18 months. Though I have not gone that long without charging, I have used the screwdriver off and on over a period of weeks for small projects without charging the battery.

The Skil iXO is sold with a bit set. Though the screwdriver comes with a storage case, there is no storage built into the screwdriver for the bits. However, the bits are the standard ¼ inch size, meaning that replacing lost bits is not difficult. The bits simply slide into the screwdriver, making changing bits easy. The iXO can be used as a drill by using bits with a ¼ inch fitting. As a drill it is slow, but in a pinch it is better than nothing.

The Skil iXO weighs about 10 ounces. The outer housing is plastic with a rubberized grip. I have dropped the screwdriver numerous times resulting in only minor scuffs to the housing. The trigger that operates the screwdriver is large allowing the user to use two fingers to operate the screwdriver, reducing user fatigue. The screwdriver features led lights that glow green or red when the screwdriver is set in forward or reverse.

The Skil iXO is a great gift idea for anyone who uses a screwdriver frequently. The Skil iXO is lighter than a cordless drill and easier to use than a standard screwdriver. The design of the screwdriver also makes it useful for people with arthritis or who otherwise have difficulty holding and using a standard screwdriver.

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