Review of the eMachines T3304 Desktop Computer

If there was ever a product I could not live without, it would be my eMachines T3304 desktop computer. Every computer I’ve owned has been an eMachines. When I first bought one in 2000, the main driving factor was the affordable price. EMachines has always offered fabulous cash back rebates on their computers. Being budget-strapped, I could not resist being able to walk into my local electronics store and buy a computer for less than $1,000 and get over half of that back.

I stuck with the eMachines brand because not only is it affordable, it has proven to be a very reliable system and easy to upgrade for me. In the past, eMachines used to get very poor ratings in performance and customer service in computer magazines such as PCWorld Magazine. I never had any problems with my system. I have owned a total of 3 eMachines computers between 2000 and now. Every system I ever bought never gave me any performance problems. I now own the T3304 model. Even though the other competitors offer low-priced systems, I chose the eMachines T3304.

It has the specifications that I need and the software I want at the price I need. It features a 100 GB hard drive, a DVD/CD-RW combo drive, 256K of RAM memory, a 2.0 GHz microprocessor and 5 USB ports. It even has features that I haven’t used yet, like the 8-in-1 card reader for the digital camera that I plan to buy. I won’t need to use a USB connection to upload pictures from my camera. I could just insert the memory card and upload them directly from the card. The T3304 offers exactly what I need for working on freelance projects, surfing the internet, checking email, managing my finances, playing computer games and completing schoolwork. My eMachines T3304 has never locked up on me and I have been able to multitask with no sacrifice in performance.

I often play a music CD while toggling back and forth between my word processing program and internet browser. The construction of the tower makes it easy to upgrade. All I have to do is unscrew the screws in the back and slide the cover back to get inside. It is easy to get to the memory cards to snap in a new card, replace the disk drives or make any other changes I want to make. The inside is not overcrowded with cords and the expansion bays make it easy to install an additional optical drive or ZIP drive. The only thing that I would add to my eMachines T3304 would be a floppy disk drive. Floppy disk drives are becoming a dinosaur in the computer hardware world and many computer companies are not including them in their systems anymore.

I would like to add one because I have files on floppy disks that I an unable to access and are still useful to me. The eMachines T3304 does have an additional drive bay so that I can install an internal floppy drive, or I can just connect an external drive by using a USB cord. Price, performance and expansion capabilities are features that I consider when buying a computer. Lucky for me, I can get them all packaged together into a neat little box. On the outside of that box, it says, “eMachines T3304 Desktop PC.”

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