Review : The NPN – How Much Money Can You Make Online?

One of the most stable and incredible ways to make money online today is through the remarkable system of the NPN. The NPN stands for the New Payment Network, and their system is absolutely amazing if you want to make money online. Of the many advantages that the NPN has as a source of income today, one of the greatest is it’s low cost. The NPN costs only $10 per month. The second one is the incredible product it has to offer – autroresponder services, lead packets, url trackers, traffic rotator, and much more. The NPN‘s products are designed to help make a ton of money on line with all of your programs. However, the best part is that you can make a lot of money every month just with the NPN too!

Here’s how the pay plan of the NPN works:

The NPN offers a 5×5 matrix that you don’t need to sponsor anyone in to make money. You get $.50 per person in the matrix. So at the most, you’ll make around $1900 a month with a full matrix (which is highly unlikely).

You get $5 per person that you sponsor into the system. That means that with just 2 personal sponsors, your own NPN membership is free!

Here’s the best part though – you get 100% matching bonuses on everyone you sponsor. So let’s say you total downline size is a 100 people (very possible in just 2 months or so), and they’re all divided under your 2 personal sponsors – You would make – $10 (for your personal sponsors) + $50 for your matrix bonus at $.50 per person + $25 (100% matching bonus sponsor 1) + $25 (100% matching bonus sponsor 2).

So all in all, with just 2 personal sponsors, you can easily make $110 per month. That’s not bad at all. As you can see, you can make a lot more money doing this if you have more personal recruits. Many people in the NPN have over 100 personal recruits. All of them are making more than $2000 a month from the NPN alone.

Next, consider that the NPN can help you make a lot of money on line with your other programs, like Unlimited Wealth and Prowealth Solutions. With the tools and the strategies that you’ll get from the NPN, there’s no way that you can fail. And priced at a super modest $10, this is an incredible offer.

Now, how does the NPN make money?

Let’s look at the math of the NPN‘s payplan :

Every person pays $10 per month.

Someone is paid $5 per month for personally recruiting the members.

On every person they pay $.50 per month to at most 5 people (because it’s a 5 level deep matrix). So at most $2.50 is paid out to different people.

And here’s the thing, there’s the 100% matching bonus paid out to people who brought in the people who’re getting the money from the matrix downlines. So that brings that total to $10.

Theoretically, in many situations, the NPN doesn’t make any money on many people, although that’s not completely true. There are many people that the NPN makes anywhere from 50 cents to $2. If you consider that the NPN makes an average of 50 cents per person in the system, you find that they’re making over $12,500 a month.

But they make most of their money from the leads that they sell. When someone in the system buys a leads packet from the NPN (which are of excellent quality by the way), they make a lot of money. Did I mention they also pay out a commission on the leads sales to the person who referred the buyer?

All in all, the NPN easily has the most incredible pay plan ever! No other company pays out the 100% that they pay out and that’s something to applaud them for. The services they provide for just $10 a month, the money you can make just from the NPN, and the fact that they’re an established company that has been online for over a year, makes them the kind of program that everyone should look into.

Another quick note – you are allowed to hold multiple spots in the NPN. As such, you can double the amount of money you make online with the NPN.

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