Richmond County Auto Sales

I have been through my share of car shopping. Most of which has taken place in Richmond County, North Carolina. And anyone knows what it’s like to need a car, the one you have is so in need of repair you can’t afford it, and you realize that putting a small down payment on one would be cheaper for now than fixing the old one. That puts you in the $500 bracket most of the time. And there’s only a couple to choose from at that.

One place I would recommend is Rockingham Auto Sales. Owned and operated by Wayne and Sue Cummings. They are located at the intersection of Hwy 1 and Airport Road, Rockingham, North Carolina. I’ve known them for years, and who better to give business to or send others to than some one you know you can trust. But of course you will want to know why, and the reasons are as follows.

Wayne goes to car shows to get his cars very cheaply. And I know, by working at one of the places he goes to, just how cheaply he can get them. But not everyone can get out to these auctions, and not everyone is allowed at some of them. So why not let him take care of that part? He does have a family to feed, and bills to pay, so for fixing them up, cleaning them, painting them, and risking his property, he charges a little more. But I have yet to find lower prices in the county. And that is due to two more factors of his pricing. He doesn’t charge finance, interest, or dealer fees. And he can take weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly payments.

Wayne has been operating in this location for many years. He knows the people who can find you good pricing on parts should you have need to get your vehicle repaired, or repair it himself. And when that looks like it’s gonna be a crunch for ya, and I say this very cautiously, but “if I know I can trust ya, I’ll work with ya”. I’ve purchased five vehicles from his lot because of this dealer/customer relationship.

Wayne is also my friend. I have eaten in his shop fish he caught, he’s helped me with legal problems through the years, and he won’t let me make a decision he knows is bad. To give you one example, Wayne has posted in his shop that he will not accept Geico insurance. I asked him why that is, and he told me . . . “Tim, the better the ads, the more ‘catchy’ or ‘flashy’, the more I suspect them. I have the most problem out of them getting money for my cars they cover. I can’t deal with them, why force you to?”

He won’t forget you, your family, or your needs. Why, he knew my family and I were in need of an eight-passenger vehicle, and had asked about a Ford Club Wagon he had. Of course it was already sold. But the very next one he got his hands on . . . . . he called us!!! It turned out this van was much nicer, fewer miles, and was owned by a church. He wanted less for this one than the first one we looked at, and way less than other vans he had on the lot. Again, I was curious . . . . . Why?

“Tim, this’ll make the fourth vehicle you guys have bought from me. I’m touched that you trust me as much as you do. You never miss a payment. I’m an honest man, and I got this van from a church who made me promise to find it a good home. You guys need it, and I know you’ll take care of it.”

And that would about say it all.

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