Rihanna:The Angel from Barbados

Rihanna today is a world renowned singer. She has released two great albums that have topped charts in the US, UK, and Australia. She has also gotten many platinum certifications for both of her albums. She was born in the Carribean island of Barbados. She was first discovered in Barbados by Evan Rogers who was vacationing there with his wife. Eva Rogers has worked with such singers as Kelly Clarkson and Christina Milian. After auditioning for CEO of Def Jam Jay-Z Rihanna was immediately signed.

Rihanna released her first album “Music of the Sun” under the Def Jam label in August of 2005. Rihanna performed her hit single “Pon De Replay” at the MTV Video Music Awards pre-show which gave her instant popularity. “Pon De Replay” won fame in both the US and UK. “Pon de Replay” follows Rihanna’s passion for clubbing and how she loves the atmosphere.

In her 2nd hit single “If It’s Lovin’ That you Want” Rihanna expresses her romantic freedom and how she is open for a relationship.Both “Pon de Replay” and “If It’s Lovin’ That you Want” appeared on Total Request Live for over 20 days. During the fall of 2005 Rihanna toured alongside Gwen Stefani to promote her CD.

In April 2006 Rihanna released her second album “A Girl Like Me” which showed that she really was here to stay. This album featured the memorable club hit “S.O.S” which was in Rihanna’s eyes a call for help as she is falling for a man. Along with an amazing video “SOS” topped countless charts.

With Rihanna’s mesmerizing sounds and relentless beats this song is quite possibly the song of the year. After releasing the video for SOS not so long after came Rihanna’s video for her first slow ballad hit single “Unfaithful”. Which depicts the breakdown of a relationship filled with guilt and lies.

In Rihanna’s CD she also has a duet featuring Jamaican reggae singer Sean Paul titled “Break it Off”. Rihanna is likely to record many more productive albums in the near future. For now she is taking it slowly and waiting for whatever comes next in the next chapter of her life.

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