Road-Trip Traveling Requires Preparation

Finally arriving at your vacation time is a pleasant event, traveling on the road to get to your destination might not be. With so many chores and problems arising on a daily basis, getting ready to go out on the open road can be stressful. Unless you have a prepared overview on what you should bring for your road trip. Let’s start with some basic tools you’ll need for car safety.

A Check up- To ensure everything is working fine before leaving. Make an appointment weeks before your trip since you may be on a waiting list.

Flashlight- Always a good thing to have while traveling.

Batteries- For your radio and or flashlight.

Motor Oil- In case you haven’t checked it lately or are traveling a long distance.

Funnel- To aid.

Rubber Gloves- To prevent oil and other grease getting on your hands.

Safety Glasses- To protect your eyes from objects.

Tire Pressure Gauge- Always remember to check if your tires have enough air.

Coolant- For those days when it’s just too hot and you’re sitting in miles of traffic.

Extra Wiper Blades- Back ups if the ones you have break.

Wiper Fluid- Never know when you’ll run out.

A Cloth Towel- Nothing to nice since you may be getting it awfully dirty.

Jumper Cables- In case you break down or to help someone out.

Antifreeze- The last thing you need is your car not starting.

Cell phone- If you see someone broken down or you are, you can call for help.

If the car you currently own is too small for everything, consider renting a car. But rent the car in advance if possible to get the best rate. To prevent items from being stolen, do not use the roof racks on top of your car or your rental.

Some items you’ll need to make the trip more enjoyable are:

Snacks- Small snacks in plastic bags such as : carrots, apples, crackers with peanut butter, small sandwich with chicken, ham and or tuna. Water is an ideal drink if you’re traveling in hot weather, not to mention if it spills it won’t leave an awful smell like milk would. Packing snacks to eat along the way is easier since you won’t be picking up candy bars and other junk food when stopping for the rest rooms or gas. Always bring some moist towels that come individually packaged for easy clean up.

Games- Many board games are now hand held which is great for kids to play. Also video games that are for one-3 players can help take their minds off the long drive. But make sure you are careful with little pieces because they can get stuck in between and under the seats.

CD-Tapes- Whether you have a cassette player or a CD player bringing along extra music is good idea since the radio stations currently in the area may not be to your liking.

DVD-Laptop- You may be vacationing to get away from work but bring your laptop can provide some time passing entertainment such as watching a DVD or playing a CD-ROM game.

Stuffed Animals- If you’re traveling with young children, having their favorite stuffed animal can help them feel safer when traveling in an unknown area.

Sports- Bringing a tennis ball, football or plastic beach ball can help with getting some exercise while taking a break at rest stops.

Motion Sickness Medication- To be prepared in case someone starts to feel sick.

Food Cooler- If you’re packing food items that need to be refrigerated to prevent from spoiling, make sure you bring a cooler. And know the time when the cooler will start to un cool to ensure food will be safe to eat later on during the trip.

Don’t forget that most states require you to wear a seat belt at all times. Even if your car has one of those map area locating features right in the dashboard to tell you how to get to your destination, bring maps! When taking a break only go to well lit areas, lock your doors and always go with your children to and from the restroom. Hide maps, tourist brochures that you leave in your car to prevent others seeing your a tourist. It’s a good idea not to wear showy expensive jewelry and or count your money in front of others. It’s common to always forget at least one thing, but with a handle list you have a better chance at a more pleasant experience. Enjoy!

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