Rob Schneider and South Park: The Mel Gibson Connection, Part I: Awakening Vs. Plight: An Introduction

It is a well-known fact that Jetlag Democracy was heavily criticized for the article, Mel Gibson: The Passion of the Anti-Semite. It was called “hate mongering, badger feed” or something to that effect. Jetlag Democracy was certainly hurt by this negative reaction but like the soul’s eternal button he is forced to press on. Fore what is the press without Jetlag Democracy if not Iraq without a U.S. induced civil war, an otter image soaked in oil continuously unnerving undying, or an aborted fetus unused and unworthy. You need this, in other words.

If we could look at the Mel Gibson fiasco from another angle, or various angles, which is a wholly appropriate and fair thing to do and I think we should, so we will; we might, we could gain a better understanding of the plight or the awakening, depending on your point of view, and we’ll discuss the latter first, if you willâÂ?¦

Mel Gibson Fiasco POV #1 (Awakening):

Mel Gibson is not a bigot. He had a momentarily relapse and his soul collapsed into a state of atrophy, one that any good Christian should be able to forgive. His words were hurtful but his downfall was an awakening. It was the almighty cry for help, a desperate plea disguised under layers of “fuck the Jews” which, in turn, led to the ever-present moment of clarity, the undeniably great moment when the soul, the body and the mind realize, perhaps through a horrific experience, that it’s time to get help.

Mel Gibson Fiasco POV #2 (Plight):

Mel Gibson cannot be saved. He is a bigot, through and through, it is ingrained deeply into the recesses of his very soul, through his lineage, past down by nature, nurture, Nuremburg, decades of hatred. His words were proof that the “The Passion of the Christ” was indeed an expensive, self-funded snuff film. Mel Gibson made hidden truths real and public because of alcohol and not the opposite or vice versa. There is no getting help. Mel Gibson is drowning in the ocean; there is no lifeboat.

The great and award-winning actor Rob Schneider absorbed POV #2 through a blatant and perhaps unnecessary advertisement purchase. The awakening angle is mostly achieved through apathy, if not unabashed hatred and bigotry, and was most notably, and non-intentionally rationalized by the people of South Park, also through an advertisement.

Mel Gibson will have to pay for the things he has said, and you are a Nazi asshole if you think otherwise (both POV’s should absorb this principal in theory). I am not saying that he is a bigot or not a bigot, or whether or not his soul is worth saving or profoundly forsaken; these thoughts are completely open to discussion, I have no answer to those queries. However, when is a joke not a joke when it’s about something serious, let me tell you what I mean by this.


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