Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty: Something to Be

In a country that bases the worth of an individual on the interpretation of scale it is not surprising that musical heavyweight Rob Thomas decided it was time to shed some pounds.

The backbone of the Orlando based band Matchbox Twenty detached himself from the other members of the band in order to give us his solo debut Something to Be.

Thomas is the latest artist to tear himself away from his embedded roots and jump on the solo bandwagon and he is showing no signs of slowing down.

Proving better than anticipated Something to Be offers a vast variety of genres from the rock-pop single “Lonely No More” and “This Is How A Heart Breaks” to the slow-mellow “My, My, My” and “Now Comes The Night.” Matchbox Twenty fans never fear because the same signature lyrics are sprinkled within the confines of this album.

Thomas pushes the envelope and steps up his lyrical game with some shockingly wicked food for thought on the title track that only the wondrous flexibility of flying solo could provide. A bit more lyrically daring the album holds a certain refreshing aftertaste.

Something to Be, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 Album Chart, proves how far Thomas has evolved musically since the days of “Push” and “3 am.” Who knew Thomas had a lyrically driven boy band wannabe living inside of him?

If you haven’t heard SOMETHING TO BE then you are missing out on a musical masterpiece in the making. Matchbox Twenty fans will be pleasantly surprised at the maturity and evolution of their headstrong front man. Even critics might find themselves inspired to new heights of something to be.

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