Rocket into Voice Over Internet Phone Service with Sunrocket

Sunrocket is a less heard of company that only advertises on the Internet. Their phone service may look and feel like Vonage, but there are a few important differences that you should take into considerationg before you commit to buy.


Sunrocket has no start up fees, whereas Vonage has a service fee of $24.99. Sunrocket has six calling plans available, whereas Vonage only has four. The cheapest plan Sunrocket has is a flat fee of $9.95 a month for 200 minutes with additional minutes at 3 cents, whereas the cheapest plan with Vonage is $14.99 a month plus any surcharges and taxes for 500 minutes and 3.9 cents per minute after. The great part is that even after the first month of service, your rate never increases with Sunrocket. You never get an unexpected bill. They charge your monthly bill to whatever account you choose whether it be a debit or credit account. You can use Sunrocket over your normal DSL line without having to change providers. Even though Vonage has that same offer, you are still subject to their underlying fees.


I have been using Sunrocket for about 3 months. I have had a few calls be dropped after over sixty minutes on the phone. The sound becomes choppy if you are downloading from a service like Limewire at the same time as you are talking on the phone. It is easily fixable with a quick reboot of the phone modem. I have never had an instance where I was unable to talk on the phone, even when my Verizon DSL was down, my phone still worked normally.

Ease of Use:

It’s easy to connect, the modem is sent free of charge if you get an unlimited plan. You can use your own home phone or the phone that they provide. They usually have a free phone offer when you sign up for the service. The phones they send are very high in quality. With either phone service you may be able to keep your current phone number.

The instructions for troubleshooting and setup are rather easy. There is nothing to install on your computer as far as programs to manage the phone. You can manage all the phone’s features at their website on the Internet. You get awesome features included in the price of your plan like voicemail, three way calling, call logs, blocking calls, call forwarding, and caller ID. The modem has another outlet so that if you still want to subscribe to a normal phone line for emergencies, you can hook that phone to the modem and use it in case your service is down. Another great feature is that you can get two phone numbers with Sunrocket.


  • 3-Way Calling allows you to conference with 2 other people.
  • 7 Digit Dialing no need to dial your area code to dial out.

  • Call Forwarding lets you forward your calls wherever you will be.

    Caller ID with Name free caller ID so you can see who is calling and from what number.

  • Call Logs shows you who has called and who you have called.
  • Call Return lets you automatically redial the telephone number of your last incoming call by dialing *69 free of charge.
  • Call Transfer
    – >
  • Call Waiting will show you by beep when you need have another call while you are already speaking to someone.
  • Call Waiting ID shows you who is calling before you click over to the other person.
  • Click to Call lets you click a button on your online call log to call anyone on your online contact list. Your phone rings and you hear pleasant music while waiting for the other party to pick up.
  • Contacts lets you save your favorite numbers and remind yourself who you have programmed into your home phone on your 50 available memory slots.
  • Distinctive Rings so you can know which of your two numbers a person is calling.
  • Do Not Disturb allows you to turn off your phones in order to get some peace and quiet.
  • Find Me allows you to be found at different phone numbers. If you don’t want to miss an important call, this feature will make sure you get it wherever you are.
  • Speed Dial allows you to access anyone on your memorized numbers with the press of a maximum of three buttons.


If you don’t like the service, there are no cancellation fees. You don’t sign a contract with them for any amount of time. If you disconnect Vonage service after the Money Back Guarantee period, but within the first twelve months, Vonage charges a disconnection fee of $39.99 per line. You also get to keep your phones, if you got any from signing up.

It’s a great service with a lot of great features. We are happy and have no plans to change our service!

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