Roomba the Robotic Vaccum

Many people have heard of the Roomba. It is a small robotic vaccum that vacuums carpets and other types of flooring. It is developed by the IRobot company. It is small and shaped like a home bathroom scale. Like a lot of other people I have been wondering if the Roomba can actually do what the IRobot company claims that it can. I recently purchased a Roomba because I was curious about it and I needed help with vaccuming anyway. It turns out that the Roomba was in fact very effective in cleaning carpets and wood floors.

Roomba works by using dozens of sensors that detect dirt and monitor the room that the Roomba is in. When the Roomba detects dirt it adjusts and increases the intensity of the cleaning. Its sensors are also able to detect stairs and prevents it from falling down them. There are three different cleaning modes on the Roomba depending on how much you want it to clean. Roomba also remembers how a room is set-up so that it can clean quickly and efficiently. It picks up all kinds of dirt including pet hair. I have a cat with long hair and the Roomba really helps with picking up the hair that the cat sheds. It really helps save me a lot of work. The Roomba is pet friendly and it will not endanger your pet. My cat was curious at first but now just ignores it as it works.

The Roomba is also able to go places that normal vaccums can not normally go such as under beds and drawers. It does a good job on low pile carpet and it gives the room a well cleaned appearance. The Roomba does have to be cleaned every so often. You have to empty out its dust bin and clean off the brushes on the bottom of it. But it is not very difficult or time consuming to clean the Roomba out. It’s worth spending a few minutes every so often to clean the Roomba out so you don’t have to waste so much time vaccuming around your house.

I paid $250 for the Roomba and it has been worth every dollar. It does what it claims in those TV commercials which is rare for most products that are advertised through TV commercials. IRobot has sold 1.2 million Roombas since it was first released in 2002. They must be doing something right if that many Roombas have been sold already. IRobot has already annouced its next robot which will be called Scooba. Scooba will be similar to Roomba except it will mop floors instead of vaccuming them. Scooba is due to be released around Christmas 2005. So if you are tired of vaccuming or just want a little help around the house then I strongly reccomend Roomba. For more information about the Roomba you can visit IRobot’s website at

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