Roy Jones Jr. Back?

It was an impressive performance for the Pensacola native, Roy Jones Jr; one of boxing’s top pound 4 pound fighters of the last decade. In what could be considered a mere shutout, Jones Jr. successfully defeated Prince Badi Ajamu inside of 12 action packed rounds.

Roy Jones Jr’s. victory was good for the sport of boxing, good for the Light-heavyweight division of 175lbs, and good for marketing purposes as well. Jones, 37, showed flashes of his old boxing technique. Technically gifted; bursting in speed and accuracy, Roy Jones Jr boxed his way to an impressive reconsideration of what mainstream media has made of his career. Now, the apparent question amongst the boxing scene is, “Is Roy Jones Jr really back, and for how long?”

Ajamu, 34, didn’t seem to apply much strategic fight-game against the more experienced Jones Jr. At times he’d lunge in with dangerous punches; several of them low blows that would raise concern from viewers. Badi, now (25-3 14KOs) just didn’t have the ability, will or skill to deal with a fighter of Jones’s caliber. The differences in boxing ability, skill and reflexes were made apparent after the third round. Roy Jones begin teaching boxing 101 as he easily defeated a frustrate Ajamu.

Where does this leave boxing now?

What can we expect in the near future after this dominating performance by Roy Jones Jr? As many of you know, there are several opportunities on the table for the Pensacola native, Jones. At age 37, with 50 wins 4 losses and 38 KO’s, Roy Jones isn’t getting any younger, and time isn’t on his side.

Yet, his skill even at this advanced age in boxing hasn’t seemed to diminish quite yet. Possibly his gift of hitting and avoiding being hit for so many years has given him such longevity that many past fighters marvel and envy. What’s the plan for Roy and the plan for boxing after this win?

One of those plans might include a Bernard Hopkins (47-4 32KO’s). He recently had a pitch-out performance against Antonio Tarver on June 10th in Atlantic City. Thus, recently he discussed retirement from the sport, stating he’s accomplished many milestones and doesn’t feel he has anything left to offer. Many aren’t convinced Bernard is officially retired; maybe a ten-million dollar payday against Jones would lure the Philadelphia native back for one more.

A fourth matchup against Antonio Tarver (24-4 18KOs) wouldn’t broaden any clarity for boxing these days. Both Jones and Tarver have fought three times, with Antonio taking two victories, one by knockout. Not to mention with Antonio Tarver looking to rebound himself after an embarrassing loss to Bernard Hopkins, and Roy Jones seeking to elevate himself in title status, this could be too dangerous a boxing matchup for either man. Also, a disastrous promotion since many are convinced that Tarver has Jones’s number.

Roy Jones Jr. has emphatically stated that he would like to avenge his loss against Glen Johnson (44-10 29KOs). On September 18, 2004, Roy Jones Jr. was knocked unconscious by Johnson in the ninth round. It was a sad moment for boxing to see one of its future hall of famers lie motionless on the canvas. Forget about the embarrassment and loss of a championship, we all prayed for Jones’ s safety that night. A rematch with Glen Johnson would make possibly the best sense at this stage. Johnson remains hungry and Roy looks to restore his legacy by avenging the one defeat he felt he could’ve one.

What about Clinton Woods (39-3 24KOs)? He’s currently the IBF light-heavyweight champion. He IS fighting later this year against Glen Johnson, he IS still a pretty good fighter, and he IS still capable of competing at the elite level. In 2002 Woods was destroyed by Jones inside of six rounds. Nevertheless, four years advancement in his career could be healthy for him against an aging Roy Jones Jr. This is a good matchup for boxing; considering that if Jones were to defeat Woods again, he could prove that he is also capable of being back on the elite scene of the sport.

Tomasz Adamek (30-0 21KOs) is undefeated but seems to be a rare face in the sport. Adamek, 29, isn’t known quite publicly, but he is the WBC Light-heavyweight champion and if Jones is seeking to recapture that belt he’ll have to go through him.
If Adamek can get through his Paul Briggs at the Garden in October, we may hear his name a lot more than we’ve heard.

What’s the best move for the sport, and the best move for Roy Jones Jr?

Let’s not be to quick to jump the gun, give Roy a chance. He looked great against Prince Badi Ajamu on July 29th, but we still need to give him time to get himself back in the mix. Roy Jones, superbly talented and athletically gifted can give any man trouble if he shows up looking ready to fight. The best thing for Roy at this point is for him to stay in shape. Keep his body in shape; stay fit and ready for another opportunity.

Clinton Woods would be a good matchup after his first fight back. Maybe if Woods can get through Glen Johnson later this year, that fight could happen. Woods would be the next best thing, considering how easily Jones dominated him in 2002.
Thus, it’s a slow walk back to the top and not a sprint that he was so famous for in his prime days of boxing, which he made look so easy.

After his matchup with Prince Badi, Jones stated that he wouldn’t mind taking whichever opportunity came his way. Nevertheless, for those who care about his well being wouldn’t want to see Jones in the ring with a fighter “TOO” dangerous.

Roy Jones also hinted that the light-heavyweight limit of 175lbs was beginning to become difficult to make. Is it possible that Jones might move up to Cruiserweight and take over just south of heavyweight?

Anything can happen in the sport of boxing. We’ve seen 41-year-old man in Bernard Hopkins fight like a 20-year-old prospect. We’ve seen a 45-year-old George Foreman knockout Michael Moorer in 1994. We’ve seen diminishing fighters land that one shot, restoring their excellency and ring prominence.

Boxing is all about risk, determination, heart, effort and breath taking ability. There is no question that Roy Jones Jr did all those things with ease early on his career.

But it isn’t 1996 anymore folks, and sooner or later, some of those gray hairs will appear on Jones’s scout.

We must be thankful for what God has given us all, superbly talented athletes in several sports worldwide. Thousands of athletes putting their bodies on the line for something that some of us don’t even understand, the love of the game.

With that being said,

It’s great to have you back Roy!!!

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