Rubber Flooring: A Beneficial Alternative to Carpet and Hardwood

Deciding on a suitable flooring surface when building or remodeling your home can be a daunting experience. With so many options to choose from, which way would be the safest and most beneficial way to go? Well, for living rooms and dens, you’d probably go with carpet or hardwood flooring. But what about your kitchen, home gym or your children’s playroom? Well the obvious answer is rubber flooring.

In the kitchen area, the benefits of rubber flooring are endless. Very easy to clean, rubber flooring makes kitchen housework a breeze, not to mention the non skid aspect of the material itself. Tile and linoleum floors can turn into an ice skating rink when they get wet. Add to that, tile floors can easily chip and break and linoleum will sooner or later wear out and have to be replaced. Rubber flooring is much more durable and holds its color and design much longer as the pattern goes all the way through the thickness of the pieces. As an added benefit, rubber flooring is much easier to walk and stand on making cooking and dish washing a less painful task. Rubber flooring is also available in a multitude of colors and designs to match your kitchen decor.

Rubber flooring is also perfect for the home gym. Moving weight lifting equipment around is murder on a hardwood floor finish and linoleum risks ripping and needing replacement. Daily workouts are easier on the body with rubber flooring as the material absorbs the contact between the body and the floor. Modern school gymnasiums are constructed with rubber flooring just for this purpose. Rubber flooring also adds safety to a workout area with its non skid material.

A children’s playroom wouldn’t be complete without rubber flooring. Kids are going to be kids and that means, sooner or later, some one’s going to fall and get hurt. Now, they aren’t going to bounce back to an upright position on rubber flooring but, once again, the material absorbs some of the impact, lessening a chance for a severe head injury. The same certainly can’t be said for hardwood or linoleum floors. And with a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from, children can customize their playroom just the way they want it.

Installing rubber flooring is no harder than laying linoleum and much easier than installing hardwood flooring. Rubber flooring can be purchased in sheets to cover an entire room or can be bought in interlocking squares that are replaceable if one of the pieces should ever wear out.

Your home is probably the biggest investment you’ll make in your lifetime. Making the right choices the first time will save money down the road. Rubber flooring will stand the test of time while adding beauty and comfort without the hassles of costly repairs when the competition simply wears out.

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