SENSEO HD7810 Coffee Machine

The Senseo HD7810 Coffee Machine is a great little coffee maker for one or two people who want a fresh cup of coffee instead of drinking out of a 12 cup machine for most of the day. Each cup is brewed fresh with a lovely layer of crema on top for that great cafe flavor. The Senseo Coffee Maker uses coffee pods instead of loose ground coffee and filters. They are available with any general merchandise store that normally sells coffee makers. They usually run about $60 and come in a few different colors to match your kitchen decor.

There are dual brew spouts which lets you brew single cups or dual cups at the same time. You can place one cup, two cups, or a mug underneath this brew spout. The machine is designed for 4 ounce cups or an 8 ounce mug. You will get two coffee pod holders with the machine, one designed for a single pod (makes 4 ounces) or a double pod holder that makes 8 ounces and takes two pods. It is quick and easy to brew, and clean up is a snap with the pods. No messy loose coffee grounds to deal with that can spill and disrupt your coffee making experience.

There are different flavors of pods that Senseo has out. My machine came with two packs of dark roast blend pods and a sample pack of their flavored coffee. The sample pack of flavor pods had three different flavors; two each of Paris, Vienna, and Killarney. Paris flavor coffee pods are a mix of french vanilla and caramel; Vienna flavor coffee pods are a mix of hazelnut, vanilla, and mocha; and Killarney flavor coffee pods are a mix of Irish Creme and vanilla. These pods are made by Douwe Egberts and are .25 ounces per pod. They are distributed by Sara Lee Coffee and Tea.

The flavored coffee pods aren’t very over bearing with flavor and I found myself adding some caramel to the Paris ones to get the caramel flavoring that I would generally get at a Starbucks or such. I wouldn’t think this would be a convenient machine for a large group or for larger families that enjoy coffee. I would think that the changing out of mugs and pods for a larger group would be too time consuming and not worth the small amount of coffee you get with the SENSEO.

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