Santa Cruz, CA

If your ever going to visit Santa Cruz, California, you might just want to know all of the most exciting hang outs, restaurants to dine in, parks and recreation, and of course where to golf.

First we start with the obvious which can be seen from almost any part of the city; The Boardwalk – the oldest boardwalk in California. The rides stem from the tiniest of children’s rides to the biggest of them all, The Giant Dipper, a roller coaster visited by thrill seekers from around the U.S.A., looking for a ride that they can’t find anywhere else. The Boardwalk, besides having all the rides, ice cream and corn dogs that you can handle also has a miniature golf course, a laser tag arena, any assortment of video games, and last, but most prominent, the mile long beach that stretches out behind it. Visitors will have fun romping there way from the beach to The Boardwalk and vice versa. If they find themselves looking for something else to do or a nice place to stop and have lunch they only need to look down and see the Santa Cruz’s wharf, which houses all kinds of seafood restaurants and specialty stores, which offer a wide variety of art from around Santa Cruz County and the Monterey Bay.

For the land lovers, Santa Cruz offers and / or is near many of California’s both tough and fun golf courses. The County has set up a challenging; 18 hole; 70 par course, on a hill overlooking the city. The course, of which, has just been overhauled and is looking to reopen with three new greens, all new cart paths, and many new t-boxes, which should prove both fun and challenging, bringing the course to a new level of play and comfort.

After either a good game of golf or a wild ride at The Boardwalk Santa Cruz’s downtown offers a great deal of entertainment, from a ten screen movie theatre to its well known restaurants, which serve anything from pizza to the “hottest” of Mexican foods. Visitors will have a hard time choosing between Pizza My Heart, Kiantis (pizza and more), El Palomar, or a fast taco or burrito from the Counties famous chain of restaurants, Taqueria Vallarta. And if after eating, visitors will enjoy there choices of entertainment, ranging from dancing at one of the various clubs, to movie watching, to socializing at one of the bar restaurants, to enjoying themselves at one of the many small coffee houses that line the downtown streets.

For recreation the city offers a beautiful park surrounded in redwoods, Harvey West Park. The park is equipped for baseball, barbecues, and swimming, and has a small train for the children to ride that takes them around the back of the park. If your in town on the fourth of July your going to want to check out the festival that’s held there that has music, dancing, and all the beer and hotdogs you can stuff in your face.

Santa Cruz also offer visitors dinning, dancing and entertainment down on its harbor, only a few miles south of it’s Boardwalk. Visitors will enjoy comedy, dancing, and live bands at one of the seaside restaurants. It’s good fun for the whole family, offering a variety of dinning experiences from Mexican to Italian cuisines.

If, after a day of sun, swimming, golfing or just plain relaxing, visitors will be pleased by how many Hotel / Motel offerings Santa Cruz has. The range is from the beach side, with pool and hot tub included, to the more sedate, but comfortable, and with a view, to the more inland with various pool and or hot tub options. Visitors will have a good time, a good day or weekend and go home with a smile on their face(s).

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