Saving Money on that Dream Wedding Dress

Every girl dreams of having a fairytale wedding with that perfect wedding dress. While the wedding can be expensive, no matter what the budget set, one of the largest costs of that day is the bride’s wedding dress. Some dresses have been known to cost more than a mid-sized car! And unless your name just happens to end in famous monikers Trump or Hilton, the odds of being able to afford that perfect “dream” dress just aren’t in your favor. But relax! There are tips in helping you find that dream dress – without the big chunk of cash from your budget!

If your mother’s wedding dress is still available, you like the dress, and it fits, you might consider wearing it. It can be updated for a small cost with embellishments, or it can be worn as-is. Friends and family members that are seamstresses might be willing to make your gown for you if you purchase the fabric and the pattern. You could even offer to pay them a little for their time.

If you’re lucky to have local schools with fashion design classes, you should definitely call around! There will possibly be a student looking for practical, and usually free, experience. You purchase the fabric and offer the student photos for his or her portfolio – either way, you both benefit!

If buying your dress is more your style, you should begin shopping for your dress right away. The more time you have to shop, the more of an opportunity you have to purchase that dress of your dreams or one close to it for a price that won’t stop your heart. Keep in mind that your dress should not cost more than 10% of the cost of the entire wedding reception!
If you’re lucky enough to fit in a dress right off the rack (usually sizes 14 and under), sample sales are an ideal option. Call local boutiques and check websites – they usually list upcoming sample sales.

Those factory outlets are also an option. Often in found in the bigger cities, you can really save at factory outlets, where they drastically reduce dresses in price. You might find your dream dress for $200 or less! Just keep in mind you get what you pay for – dressing rooms are typically open and service is less-than-pampering.

Buying a white or ivory bridesmaid’s dress could be an inexpensive option. Though bridesmaid’s dresses are not as impressively cut or detailed as a traditional gown, they are certainly much cheaper. A simple, but elegant dress can be embellished cheaply and can still look amazing. If simple and beautiful is really your style, this is an ideal choice.
Check the internet! Dresses can be purchased directly from boutiques, designers, and outlets online, occasionally at a bit of a discount. And anyone that can work a search engine can find a gown clearance website!

Websites like will offer pre-owned dresses (some of which have never been worn) in every size. Online auctions like eBay are also an option. While you can find secondhand dresses here as well, you can also find closeout sales offered by various companies looking to get rid of their product.

No matter what option you use to find your dress, buy the dress with plenty of time to spare. There is nothing worse than rushing to find a dress two weeks before your wedding. Except maybe trying to find someone to do alterations on you dress the day of your wedding!

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