Scandinavian Furniture for the Modern Home

Many people are attracted to Scandinavian furniture. Its sleek design, efficiency, and high quality are sought after by just about anyone in need of furniture.

Unfortunately, for most people in the Bay Area, that highly desired Scandinavian furniture seems less desirable when the would-be buyer realizes purchasing their dream furnishings means fighting horrendous traffic to enter a crowded superstore with minimal customer assistance.

Fortunately, there is Danish Interiors. The store offers a wide range of furnishings, according to Per Nielsen, co-owner of the store with his wife, Carol, and their partner, Mike Regan. In addition to the selection, Nielsen says that, “We are a family-owned business. Because of that, we go out of our way to service people’s needs, even after they purchase furniture.”

Nielsen goes on to explain that they frequently repair furniture that has been damaged, or replace runners, years after the customer has bought the furniture from their store. “If we can get parts from the factory free of charge, we try to pass that savings on to the customer,” Nielsen adds. “That is extremely important to us, as treating our customers well is essential to our success,” he notes.

Danish Interior specializes in Scandinavian designed furniture made of teakwood, but carries furniture in other types of wood as well. “We have furniture that covers the whole range,” Nielsen explains, “from high-end, high-quality furniture down to lower-priced furniture, and everything in between.”

The emphasis on customer service is also apparent by Danish Interiors’ deliveries, which are free to customers in the immediate Bay Area. “We offer free delivery from San Jose to Marin County, within about a thirty mile radius of our store,” Nielsen says. The store delivers outside of that area for a fee.

One uncommon aspects of Danish Interiors’ customer service is their “no sales” rule. “We do not have sales or other, similar events,” Nielsen explains. “We believe in selling at a good price year-round. That has been the store’s philosophy for over 30 years.”

In fact, you could say the emphasis on the best customer service started when the store opened. Danish Interiors has been in existence since 1969, when Nielsen’s aunt and a partner opened the store. Eight or nine years ago, he notes, “her partner passed away, and at that time my aunt asked us to come and help her with the store.” One year later, Nielsen’s aunt passed away, leaving the store to him and Mike Regan, a long-time employee of the store. Today, Regan and the Nielsens carry on that tradition of excellent customer service.
Danish Interiors is located at 1325 Park Street in Alameda, and can be reached by phone at 521-7470. The store is open Monday through Saturday, 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., and on Sunday from noon to 5 p.m.

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