Schizophrenia is a brain disorder that affect mostly adults. What is does is affect a persons mind to where they can not think clearly. Which means its very hard for them to understand the difference from fantasy to reality. Its much harder for them to make daily life decisions. Its also hard for them to relate on a normal level with other people. Most people think this is a funny thing or that these people have a split personality. This is not correct. People do not understand the correct reason. Its not caused by bad parenting or a dramatic experience as people tend to believe. This is a brain disorder which means nothing could have prevented this.A chemical imbalance in the brain is the cause of this.

There are many different treatments for this. All people who are treated with this disorder usually receive some form of counseling and take some form of medication. Hospitalization is for people who need to treat severe delusions, thinking about suicidal thoughts or have problems with drugs. While in the hospital they will try and get the disorder under control , so that person has the option to try and live a normal life.

Support groups are a good thing to attend. This lets you know that there are other people like you, that you are not the only one. It seems that security will single you out. At your support groups this will not happen. These people are just like you. While in the support group you will learn many things. They will teach you how others tend to live a semi normal life. Its possible so don’t think that its not.

This disorder is another one that is pretty hard to get diagnosed correctly. Its often confused with Bipolar. There are similar symptoms with the two. There are also symptoms which are not alike at all. This disorder is hard to diagnose early. It usually takes a an acute psychotic episode to realize what is wrong. So to find a child with the disorder is very rare.

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