Sci-Fi Channel’s Who Wants to be a Superhero?: Why Are There Adults Running Around Trying to Be Superheroes?

Well if you have not heard there is a new show that is currently airing on the Sci- fi channel. It’s called “Who wants to be a superhero. You may think that you have seen every reality television show there is, but this one certainly takes the cake. I am sure that if you missed this season the Sci-fi channel will be showing plenty of re runs in the upcoming future.

The show is run by the comic book creator Stan Lee. If you know anything about comic books than you know exactly who he is. It is basically a competition between so called superheros. They compete through various challenges to see who will come out on top. Each week a different person is eliminated. The last person left standing in the end will have their character in a comic book as well as appear in an original Sci- if movie.

You may be thinking that this contest sound like something for children and not adults but let me tell you a little about each of the characters that made it to the final round. Keep in mind that they mad up their own superhero names and created their costumes in the beginning of the show. Throughout the course of the show, they were given new customs that the host/ producer created for them. One of the female contestants calls herself cell phone girl.

She is twenty two years old and works as an Interior Designer. She has already been eliminated, probably because she failed a lot of the competitions. Another person who has also been eliminated is Lemuria, she is a thirty year old artist. She was able to last a lot longer than some of the others but she still did not succeed.

Currently there are two superheroes that are left. One of them will be the winner. The finalists are “Fat Momma” who is a 42 year old sales specialist and mother. The one thing that I love about her is that her superpowers are fueled by doughnuts and she is weakened by any type of diet food. Believe me I am not making this stuff up.

This is what they have created themselves. The other finalist is Feedback he is a 347 year old software engineer. There were a lot more superheroes that appeared on the show and have been eliminated. Take a look at their website to see what the others were called and see what there costumes looked like. They all come from various backgrounds and their ages range from twenty to forty plus.

The final episode will air on Thursday August 31, 2006. But like I said if you miss it then I am sure you will be able to catch the reruns. There is no word yet if they will have another superhero reality television show. This may have just been a one time thing, but I am sure since this is so popular they are bound to have another one soon. I must say that this is definitely one of the strangest reality television shows that I have every seen. Especially since they all live in a house together known as the secret lair. If you actually get the time to watch this show, I guarantee that you will spend more time laughing than anything else.

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