Scrapbooking to the Rescue: Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Cherish

Finding it hard to tell your mom how much you love her this Mother’s Day? Want to make it special? Often we think that jewelry or flowers are the answer, but it just doesn’t seem to fit the bill. Jewelry ends up in a box, taken out at special occasions. Flowers fade and die. Why not try something a bit more permanent and a bit more personal? Before you run out and get that “MOM” tattoo you think she’s always wanted, why not try a little scrapbooking. Some see scrapbooking as a crazy phenomenon that’s reserved for crafty stay at home moms, but I say it’s for everyone. Scrapbooking is a great way to show mom that you love her with a little effort and a lot of personality. Here are some easy ways to make something mom will love and cherish forever.

Letter Scrapbook: Know how to write? Then you can make a gift that mom will love. A letter scrapbook is a wonderful way to show mom how much you care. Simply write letters about how much you care and recalling all the wonderful memories you have of time with your mother. Funny stories and touching moments are always something she’ll love to recall. Simply compile these letters in a scrapbook that she can enjoy over and over. If you want to add a little color and spice, add pictures of those memories for her to enjoy. Have several people in your family? Why not have everyone join in? This is also a great present for grandmas, as you can get everyone involved, including grandkids. This is something she’ll truly enjoy and only requires some paper, maybe some pictures, a scrapbook, and some plastic sleeves to place it all in. Be creative! Have fun!

All About Mom Scrapbook: Scrapbooks come in many sizes from 4×6 to 12×12 and everything in between. Why not make a small scrapbook for your mom? This can include pictures, quotes about moms and/or pieces of advice your mom has given you, artifacts like pieces of a quilt that she made or pictures you made as a kid, written down memories, information about her favorite foods, recipes, vacations, music, etc. Make it fun, but most of all, make it about her! It doesn’t have to be extravagant or artsy as long as its got heart. Scrapbook or craft stores will have everything you need to make your mom a keepsake she’ll truly enjoy.

Shadowbox: Scrapbooking doesn’t have to be confined to a book. Why not make her something she can display for the whole world to see? Shadowboxes are a great way to include some of your favorite things about your mom in a 3D piece of art that she’ll enjoy over and over. All you need is a shadowbox frame, some memorabilia e.g. pictures, keepsakes, decorations, etc, some glue, and a little bit of creativity. Make a scrapbook page that includes a story or memory of your mom. Maybe a quote makes you think of her. Add some pictures, or even 3D objects that make you think of her. The ideas are limitless. Put them together and frame them for her to enjoy all year round. If you need any ideas, try looking at examples in craft stores or research some websites. There’s a lot out there if you take a look.

Family Calendar: Now, I know it’s a little late in the year for a calendar, but why not make the rest of her year one she’ll enjoy. Scrapbook a page, or several and make a family calendar to show her how much you care. Most printing stores have blank calendars that you can use in either a tear off or a month to month form. Some also have websites where you can upload pictures and print it off. Create one page or many and fill in significant dates or even days in which significant things happened in the past and let her know that you remember her and all she’s done. This is also a great Christmas present idea for next year.

Scrapbooking is a great way to show someone you care. It combines art, photo albums, and journaling to make some truly unique gifts. Don’t think that you can’t do it because all you need is a little creativity and an imagination and you can make something mom will truly love and cherish forever. So, if you’re feeling stuck this year, try scrapbooking, it’s the greatest thing you’ll ever do.

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