Screensaver Factory Pro Review

Screensaver Factory Pro is a benefit to anyone that wants to create screensavers for personal use or for commercial sale. The screensaver builder software has been used by thousands of inspired people to create original screensavers worthy of a second and third look. The Blumentals software company proudly claims that Screensaver Factory Pro is the world’s number one screensaver development tool.

Screensaver Factory Pro has a clean looking interface that is easy to follow. There is a project wizard to help the amateur or computer illiterate. The step by step instructions teach the user how to complete a screensaver project so that the user can do the next project without using the wizard.

Along the side of the interface is several buttons. The first one is labeled Media. This is where the images is chosen and added, either a single image or an entire folder. Images can be added without thought to order since the images can be moved into any position through drag and drop movement.

Each image is able to be altered through stretching or resizing, frame masks, vertical flips, grayscale and mirror adjustments. Each image can also have text added at any position on the image. There is options for the font type, size, color, background color or transparency. For more accuracy in text placement, the Screensaver Factory program includes a x and y position grid.

Another fancy action is the effects that switch from one scene to another. There are 120 effects to apply, along with a speed bar to set the quickness of the effects.
Music is the next button and is easily applied. The program asks you to point out the desired music files, then allows you to change the order that they will play. If you would prefer a certain music file to be played with a distinct image, this can be done through the image properties tab.

The next choice is the background. There is two types of background choices. The first is background color. First the user gets to choose two colors. Then the choice of gradient fill styles. To sweeten the pot, there is also choices of random colors, random gradient styles and randomize the background for each image.

The next choice in background is to place an image. The background image can be tiled, stretched or centered. Another option is choosing to use the desktop as the background.
The next step is to supply your information like title of the screensaver, author and copyright, and the author’s website. This information will be located in the ‘About’ section of the screensaver.

The Option button opens a large section, most of what has already been decided if each image had its properties decided. The options that are separate is the exit screensaver behavior and the user interface. The user interface allows the screensaver creator to hide the general, position, effects, sound and behavior tabs from the end user. The screensaver and setup language is also present so that the creator can sell the screensaver package internationally.

The Special button allows the creator to choose a custom icon for the screensaver program. The Promotion button opens up all sorts of business promotion tools, like commands that open a specific url page on exit and a banner, which can be linked to, to be displayed in the settings menu. More options are available in the Screensaver Factory Enterprise Edition.

One of the most important buttons is the Shareware. This section applies registration options, including the ability to choose a registration key number or use a registration key generator. There is also nag screen and banners that can be applied. A nag is a not so subtle reminder to the user to purchase the screensaver package.
Limitations can be set to encourage the user to purchase the screensaver. The creator can allow only the first few images to be seen, or to allow only the screensaver to run a limited number of days.

The last step of creating the screensaver package is to select options for the self installing screensaver package. Choices like shortcuts and creating item in the Add/Remove list is nice options for the end user. The last choice of all is to select Create Setup or Create Setup CD. Of course, this last option is dependent on the distribution method that will be used.

The Screensaver Factory Pro gives everyone the ability to create exciting, professional results. In turn, this program gives everyone the opportunity to begin a screensaver business.

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