Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner: Product Review

When I first heard about the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner, I was very excited. Anything that makes it easier for me to keep my bathroom clean is a must-have product, in my opinion. Although it was expensive, I decided to give the automatic cleaner a try.

When I opened the box, I was surprised by how large the item is. I assembled it and hung it on the shower head, as stated in the instructions. The instructions were very clear. The bottle of cleaning solution inserts upside down into the outer shell that hangs beneath the shower head. I was sure at first that I would hit my head on it when taking a shower, but this has not happened, thank goodness!

The device has a button on the front that, when pressed, activates a sprayer rotating 360 degrees, spraying the shower interior and inside curtain with cleaning solution. I questioned whether or not I would have time to move away after pressing the button so as not to get sprayed with cleaner myself. Luckily, there is a fifteen-second delay between the time you press the button and the start of the solution spray. This gives you enough time to press it and close the shower curtain before it begins. It is rather noisy and makes approximately seven rotations of spray.

The idea is for the cleaning spray to run down the walls of your shower, into the tub, leaving it sparkling clean. It leaves a fresh scent and does help with cleaning, but I have been rather disappointed with its cleaning power. My shower was clean when I installed the gadget, and it is supposed to eliminate the need for further scrubbing. It does extend the time between regular scrubbings, but definitely does not keep the shower clean on its own. The cleaning solution is not supposed to affect any of the normal items kept in showers; soap, sponges, razors, shampoo bottles, washcloths, etc. I have not noticed any adverse effects on any of these caused by the solution spray.

The automatic shower cleaner uses three AA batteries to run. Replacement batteries, plus refills of cleaning solution are the continuing costs for the owner. The cleaning solution comes in a large bottle, but it does not last very long. If you run your automatic cleaner after the last shower of the day, every day (as is recommended), the bottle of cleaning solution lasts only a couple of weeks. A refill bottle costs around five dollars. I have cut my usage to running the cleaner every other day, or even every third day so that the solution does not run out so quickly. On top of this, I still have to clean my shower periodically with regular bathroom cleaner, although not as often as prior to installing the automatic cleaner. In my opinion, the slight added convenience is not enough to outweigh the ongoing expense of owning and using the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner.

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