Scunci Steamer: Ten Things to Get Steamed About

Before I became a news junkie, I watched infomercials on late-night TV. I must have seen the Scunci SteamerâÂ?¢ infomercial 5 times before I finally bought one. And then it was only when my local news station portrayed it on their “Does it Work?” series. They decided that it did indeed work but since they paid $60.00 for it, they basically recommended we use cleaning products that wouldn’t cost as much.

I disagree. For one thing, I bought mine at Wal-mart and saved $10.00 but more important, it does things that cleaning products don’t do and besides, you only have to buy the Scunci SteamerâÂ?¢ once. Cleaning supplies are constantly running out. For instance, I wouldn’t dream of using any cleaning supply on my toothbrush but I sanitized it with the Scunci SteamerâÂ?¢. I didn’t see anything come out of my toothbrush but I felt better just the same. My comb & hairbrush was another story though. After I pulled the hair out, I steamed them over the bathroom sink (after I had cleaned the sink!) and I couldn’t believe all the gunk that came out. Of course, I had to clean the sink again. While I had it out, I decided to clean my sneakers and again gunk that I had not even noticed came out and I was able to just wipe them off.

The absolute best use of my Scunci SteamerâÂ?¢ was last summer when I cleaned my grandson’s car seat. He had had a few leaky bottles and when we wiped off the car seat, we hadn’t noticed the milk had leaked beyond the fabric seat cover and onto the hard plastic of the base. One especially hot summer day when I opened the car door the smell of the sun-baked spoiled milk assaulted my nostrils. Holding my breath I took the car seat into the house and plugged in my Scunci Steamer.âÂ?¢ It took quite some time as the milk had hardened and once I got started I cleaned the whole thing. It was truly amazing. That car seat looked brand new when I finished. I used the regular nozzle on the plastic base and I used the fabric attachment with its fitted cover for the fabric. I was so impressed I also cleaned the highchair and the bouncy. It’s amazing what hides in the cracks of baby equipment.

The major disadvantage to the Scunci SteamerâÂ?¢ is that for any big job you have to keep refilling the tank. The website states it has an extra large water tank for extended use but for a large job you’ll need to refill it several times. To me it’s worth it though. When I have a large job, I just do something else for a few minutes when I have to refill the tank as it takes about 3-5 minutes for the water to heat sufficiently. If you try to use it too soon, instead of steam, you’ll get a stream of water. If I’m using the steamer on something I really don’t want to get wet, I always test it out on a paper towel first.

Before I purchased the Scunci SteamerâÂ?¢ I used a lot of cotton swabs for hard to reach places. Another great use: garage sale items. Before Scunci, there were certain things I wouldn’t buy just because they were too hard to clean. A good-looking pillow for instance, or a child’s stuffed animal. In fact, I recently bought a very dirty LegoÃ?® table at an auction. I’d only seen them in doctor’s offices and not for sale anywhere so I really wanted it for my grandson. Had it not been for the Scunci SteamerâÂ?¢, I never would have taken a chance on it because a cotton swab was the only thing that could clean between those LegoÃ?® grooves and there were just too many.

The infomercial as well as the web site shows many good everyday uses for the little red lifesaver, but the following list are ways the Scunci Steamer� has helped me personally. Happy Steaming!

1. Car seat, stroller, high chair�all things baby

2. Clean grease stains behind the stove

3. Remove smoke stains on walls

4. Clean and sanitize toothbrushes, hairbrushes & combs

5. Refresh lampshades

6. Clean cabinets

7. Clean other small appliances

8. Refresh a gym bag or handbag

9. Refresh a non-washable garment

10. Great for cracks and “cotton-swab” areas

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