Sea Vegg Supplement

Sea Vegg is made up of 12 different species of sea plants, which are picked from over 10,000 plants, for their nutritional concentration. Through photosynthesis, the benefits of the sun and sea are consumed by the ocean plant life. Now we can enjoy those same benefits by taking Sea Vegg.

The plants, which are harvested off the coast of Ireland, are filled with all the good stuff our bodies need to be healthy. They offer an abundance of trace elements, omega 3’s and 6’s, amino acids, vitamins, lipids, anti-oxidants and flavinoids.

Flavinoids are getting a lot of attention right now. In certain concentrations, the flavinoids in tangerine and orange juices have been effective in inhibiting some cancer cell lines or tumors. Flavinoids also enjoy a great reputation for increasing energy, reducing the chances of macular degeneration, reducing angina and lowering blood pressure.

Sea Vegg also contains Fucoidan which may have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties and boost the immune system.

Our land plants have been largely stripped of their trace mineral content. By the time we wash and cook these already nutritionally depleted plants, there is not much value left in eating them. Sea plants absorb all the minerals and good things of the sun and ocean and only in healthy amounts, making it the perfect vehicle for the vitamins and minerals so important but absent from our diets.

Sea Vegg contains folic acid, zinc, gold, silver, boron, colloidal minerals, protein and many other vitamins and minerals that nutritionists tell us are vital to our good health. All this goodness is concentrated in one capsule called Sea Vegg.

Sea Weed, or Kelp, has long been praised for its aid in better skin health and its ability to treat enlarged thyroid glands. Sea Weed is rich in iodine. Enlarged thyroid glands are related to an iodine deficiency. Because of the connection between sea weed’s iodine and the treatment of the thyroid gland which controls the metabolism, sea weed gained a good reputation as an aid in weight loss.

Most of us grew up with the recommended daily intake of vegetables and fruit being 3-5 servings. The U.S. Government has increased the recommended intake to 5-13 servings. With the additional processing that vegetables undergo these days, it takes more servings to get the same nutritional value. Even with this increase, there are trace minerals and vitamins that are still missing. If the plants happen to escape the growing, harvesting and shipping process with a few vestiges of nutrients, we will probably wash or cook those away before they reach our mouths.

To get the nutrients missing from our produce, we can take vitamin and mineral supplements. Sea Vegg has trace minerals that can be found in no other plants but that are essential to our good health.

There is no vegetable or combination of vegetables that can deliver the concentrated nutrition available in one Sea Vegg capsule. It boosts the immune system, aids in weight loss, helps digestion, contributes to healthier skin and hair, and generally improves overall health and well-being.

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