Seed of Chucky Review

I’ve been a chucky fan since I first saw the second movie and ever since then I thought Chucky was the man. When Bride of the Chucky came out in 1998 I fell in love with the movie-It was violent, vulgar and one heck of a wild ride. The ending promised us a sequel but no one knew it would take 6 long years to finally be birthed. Well Seed of Chucky is here-but how is it??

Seed takes the vulgar humor and gore of Bride and cranks it up to an all time high. Seed is one of the nastiest movies I have seen in the theaters and I can’t believe how some of this stuff got passed the censors. The unrated dvd doesn’t add much, though.

You get uber gory beheadings, melted faces, doll masturbation and more!! Seed was one hell of a sick and silly ride for sure!!

The one liners here are still sharp (chucky rules!) and you get a creepy yet great new character-Chucky and Tiffany’s gender confused kid Glen( voiced brilliantly by Billy Boydd) Glen looked like a mixture of Michael Jackson and a gremlin and the British accent was hilarious. His non-stop peeing his pants was funny, too.

Chucky and Tiffany were the same-Chucky spitting out those swear words like a pro and Tiffany’s trying to go cold turkey was funny. Jennifer Tilly also was great playing herself and Tiffany-What a great actress.

Well the seed does have it’s flaws-let’s start.

Although it does have more gore and vulgar humor then Bride, it doesn’t have the action of it and that’s what makes Bride a stronger movie. Chucky and his gang are stuck basically in one location throughout the whole movie and I wanted to see them paint Hollywood the color red. Bummer. Also the body count felt too low. Sure there was enough gore, but not enough bodies hitting the floor. There was also its fair share of unneeded cheesiness. The Kung Fu stuff was for the birds-BOO!!

Seed might not be as funny or entertaining as Bride of Chucky, but it’s still fun. So go grab some popcorn and cola cause all in all, Seed was a sick and silly ride and was a blast to watch. Sit back and get ready to laugh.

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