Seeking the Perfect Hair – Pantene Vs. SunSilk

We all want the perfect hair; men and women alike. But because all of our hair is categorized by certain defining characteristics it is often hard to choose the right shampoo.

I love using Pantene and DoveâÂ?¦ they are to me great products for my hair. Because it is long, thick and full of body, I need a set of shampoos and conditioners that will soften and keep it silky to avoid easy tangling outside; I also need it to tone the “poof” down because the body gets out of control as it dries. However, I have just found something better for managing my maneâÂ?¦ it is called SunSilk.

Pantene vs. SunSilk: Pantene’s Qualities
Pantene offers 12 different kinds of hair care products to facilitate different hair types and their needs. Whether you want or need your hair to stay flat and sleek, or want it full of body and shine Pantene has it all. An expert from Pantene had this to say about their products via their website:

“Amino acids make up to 90 percent of hair’s composition, giving it strength, flexibility, and impacting the way it looks and feels. Over time, everyday activities such as brushing, blow-drying or even exposure to pollution and sunlight can deplete hair of its amino acids. The loss of amino acids can significantly weaken hair’s structure. So hair that was once healthy, strong and soft can become weak, dull and unmanageable. Patented NEW Amino Pro-V Complex combines our signature Pro-Vitamin formula with amino acids to help restore the strength of each individual hair fiber. When hair is wet, the Pantene formula penetrates hair’s cortex to help fill in the gaps left by lost amino acids. Upon drying, the formula bonds to each individual hair fiber to improve its flexibility and strength.”

Pantene vs. SunSilk: SunSilk and its Advantages
Like Pantene, SunSilk offers a wide variety of products to satisfy the needs of your particular needs and desires where your hair is concerned. My hair is down to my hips and as I said before has a lot of body� so, when I find a shampoo and conditioner that leaves my hair silky all day and so soft that I can run my fingers through it even when I am outside in the sun and wind- I have found the right stuff!

Helene Curtis has brought us this breakthrough line of hair care products.

No matter what you need for your hair, SunSilk has got it! From dandruff problems to areas of manageability you will take away those dreaded bad hair days with these wonderful hair care items.

Pantene vs. SunSilk: Consumer Reviews
Well, my personal review would tip the charts and overall reviews to Sunsilks favor. According to a great product review source� � both Pantene and SunSilk have a four star rating. And, judging by some of the comments you might not want to take all of them at face value.

All of the people that I personally know who use SunSilk have agreed unanimously that it is a complete make-over for their hair.

Pantene vs. SunSilk: Cost
Pantene ranges in price usually from $5- $8
SunSilk is around $6

For me these prices are not too expensive as the cost for not using a good product on my hair is far steeper.

So, if you want to try a new product on your hair I definitely recommend that you use SunSilk. The manageability is wonderful and for those of you with course, thick or long hair it is a must for healthy maintenance.

I hope you have enjoyed this product comparison: Pantene vs. SunSilk

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