Selecting a Christmas Tree

When it comes to selecting a Christmas Tree, people can either go with real or artificial trees. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Let’s take a look at both.

The Artificial Tree; Many individuals like fake trees for various reasons. First off they are safer. There is the less chance of a fire hazard. Artificial trees don’t burn. They are also cleaner to use. they have no needles that fall off and get embedded into the carper or wall moldings by the floor. Although they are rather expensive to buy at first, if they are properly stored and cared for, they can last years. My wife’s grandparents had a tree that I bought at their auction and still use. They had it for 21 years. So to date, this will be the 30th year in use.

With an artificial tree, you aren’t just limited to one color either. There are silver, gold, white, red, blue, and green type trees. I have even seen a pink tree used for breast cancer patients. A major disadvantage to an artificial tree is that they don’t have that evergreen odor to them. You have to light candles or get a spray to use to give off the scent of a fresh tree. They are easy to store in a box and can be placed deep in a closet or storage shed when the holiday season is over.

The Real Tree; A real tree has several disadvantages to them. First they will catch fire quickly, once they have dried out. The quick heat and fire that they can put out in a hurry is tremendous. Once they start, they can’t be stopped. In the old days, when candles were used, they were an accident waiting to happen. They are also dirty. They pick up dust and their needles get stuck in the carpet very easily. If your house isn’t vacuumed well, they could be there for quite a while. I have found them in my own house as late as July. The sap from a real tree can cause stickiness in the carpet, decorations, gifts, furniture, and individuals as well. Another disadvantage is balance. A well balanced stand needs to be used. Real trees can tip over more easily than an artificial tree. Besides the idea of tradition, the smell is fantastic.

If you decide to use a real tree, here are some good tips to follow. First make sure that the tree can fit where you want it to go in your house. Measure the distance from floor to your ceiling. A cut tree in a stand is taller than the tree itself. When you go to purchase or cut a tree, check for it’s fullness and straightness. Notice if there is any curves in the trunk. This usually indicates that a tree is out of balance. Are the needles green or are some of them brown. If you see an abundance of brown needles, stay away from the tree, it is dying. To maintain a tree and keep it healthy and green, water it often. A fresh cut tree will suck up water quickly. Be sure to use wiring that is safe for your lights and decorations. Any that have exposed wires showing, should be thrown away.

When you start to set your tree up, do so in the center of the room first. This way you can work around the tree easily. Some people will set it on a skirt and then slide the tree into place wherever they want it. This also gives you a chance to balance your tree out with decorations safely. Always try to set your tree where there is very little traffic. Trees by doorways aren’t too safe. Corners are great areas. the two walls give a little protection to the tree. Some people like to place a tree by the window. What many don’t realize is that direct sunlight over time will help dry out the tree.

Sometimes people will take a tree from the ground by it’s roots and replant it in a container. Once they are used for the holidays, they are replanted for use the following year. You have to be careful not to damage the trees though with your ornaments. People like to keep things green and this is a way to do it.

When you are finished with a tree, it still can be put to good use. Take the tree to a farmer and ask if you can put it in his pond or lake. Small fish will use it for feeding and as a spawning area. Many farmers like the idea of trying to improve their pond life. An old Christmas Tree can do wonders for a pond.

Whichever type of tree you decide to go with, remember it is an investment for happiness in your home or office. It will catch the visitors eye immediately. So be sure to select the right one and decorate it accordingly.

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