Self-Employment Insurance for Stay-at-Home Moms

Many moms are now choosing to stay at home with their children and earn a living on-line. But what can you use for insurance if you are self employed? This is especially necessary when filling prescriptions for your children, such as vitamins! There are many programs that offer discounts, but did you know that many of the grocery store brand vitamins have the exact same nutrients as prescription ones. Also some insurance plans no longer cover prenatal vitamins because they are available over the counter.

So for certain items you can check and see if they are available over the counter, and if they are how much cheaper they may be? There is one company known as “Nace” and they have very reasonable rates on their insurance and great perks for the self employed. You can do a search on-line for this company. There is also Ameriplan USA, which is not actually insurance but they give you a discount fee for services. As a stay at home mom you may even think about selling it as well. Then your plan will be part of your monthly broker fee.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Kaiser Permanente both offer individual and family plans. But Kaiser is very picky about who they are willing to accept. Coverage is good if you are accepted. Blue Cross/ Blue Shield has a few less medical requirements and very good coverage. You will also want to compare the rates of fees of these companies. For Example Blue Cross/Blue Shield can be pretty expensive. If you are not sure if a particular insurance company has individual plans there is nothing wrong with calling and asking if they do. It is also much better to go to the company directly the through an agent.

The agent does not really care about you, they are only interested in getting you the plan that gives them the most commission. There is also something called a Health Savings Account Plan. This plan was set up for self employed people and the best part if that it’s 100% tax deductible. Basically its a PPO, and you have a very low monthly payment, but the deductible is usually a lot higher. With this plan you usually have less out of pocket expenses. Once you have paid your maximum amount then the rest of the year would be fully covered. You usually have to pay a certain percentage.

The down side for moms is that it does not cover maternity leave. So you will usually have to pay for all of your expenses. You may think about opening a separate account and saving up to cover these expenses. This is especially important if you are planning to have a baby. Also try checking what programs are offered by your state. They usually have special programs set aside for moms who work at home. A good place to start is your local Social Services office they should know all about the programs offered to self employed moms. Or you can do the research your self and check out your states website. Most states list all of the programs they offer on their.

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