Self-Titled Debut From Newcomer: Cassie

The self-titled debut from newcomer Cassie is a well done R&B album, pouring out seductive beats and infectious lyrics. Cassie began voice lessons after a chance meeting with producer Rockwilder. Upon graduating high school, Cassie was in the midst of a fledgling modeling career, when another producer, Ryan Leslie, encouraged her to switch paths. Music guru Tommy Mottola heard Cassie’s work, agreed to manage her, and she joined P.Diddy’s Bad Boy Entertainment in 2006. The result is a pleasant sound that is sing-and-dance-along worthy.

“Me & U” is the first single to be released, and has been received prominent airplay on the radio. “Long Way 2 Go” has a catchy hook and groovy beat. “About Time” displays Cassie’s airy vocals more than any other song. “Kiss Me” is a soft beat, slow song, that drags this novice’s first effort down. The attitude and tempo picks up with “Call U Out.” Pop-friendly “Just One Nite” follows.

“Hope You’re Behaving (Interlude)” is a ridiculous phone call interlude that too many artists use in place on a song. It intros the next mellow tune, “Not With You.” Another pop-oriented track, “Ditto,” boasts another catchy chorus hook. Cassie gets gritty with the dance beat of “What Do U Want.” The 11 track album, (10 songs), closes with up tempo “Miss Your Touch.”

Cassie is not by any means the next Mariah Carey, but she could very well be the next Ashanti. All tracks on Cassie are basically easy on the ear with their smooth grooves. Whether this artist has longevity power or not, this R&B album is a good first start to Cassie’s career.

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