Sew Your Own Pillowcase

Taffeta and Satin fabrics are perfect for creating beautiful pillowcases. Taffeta comes in a variety of colors which makes it perfect for any decor. Creating pillowcases is a great way to improve the look of a room without spending much.

Purchasing the Fabric

In-weave is a great on-line wholesaler where you can purchase Taffeta fabric in a variety of colors. Buy in bulk and you will have extra fabric for creating other matching home decor items such as window treatments.

Choosing the Fabric You Want to Use

If you don’t have a specific color or fabric you favor, I would highly recommend Taffeta fabric.

Periwinkle Taffeta Fabric is a light blue and blue is a perfect color to induce sleep. This fabric color would be great for an insomniac or a little boys room.

Deep Sapphire Blue Taffeta Fabric is a great color to promote sleep as well. The royal blue color is warm and comforting.

Pink Taffeta Fabric is the perfect fabric for a little girl’s room.

Blue Green Gold Taffeta Fabric changes colors depending on what angle you look at it!

Ivory Taffeta Fabric is a pure color and perfect for a honeymoon!

Burgundy Taffeta, Nutmeg Taffeta, Copper Taffeta, Gold Taffeta and other Taffeta’s are perfect for home decor!

Sewing the Pillow Cases.

Measure the size of pillowcase you would like to create and leave approx 1 inch for a hem. Cut the fabric out to match the size of pillowcase you need. You can even make pillowcases for throw pillows. Simply cut the shape (rectangle or square) and size of fabric you need!

Getting the Pillowcase Ready to Sew

Lay the fabric with the inside out. The side of the fabric you would like to display needs to face inward. Lay two pieces of fabric facing one another (display side in). Take a working sewing machine and sew along the long end. Then turn the fabric and sew a straight line along the short end. Turn again and sew along the other long end. Cut the extra thread. You now have a beautiful custom made pillowcase for your bed.

Have two pillows?

No worries! Simply repeat the steps above to create a matching pillowcase for your bed!

Resources on-line:

There are some terrific resources on-line about how to create your very own pillowcases. Here are some of those resources:

These beautiful pillowcases will enhance any room and create the perfect home decor without a lot of expense!

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