Sex, Don’t Make it an Exercsie or Diet Tool

Sex. Such a small word for such a powerful act. Sex or making love, which is what I prefer to call it, is the most meaningful act a couple can share. But just like many things in our lives, people are trying to multi-task and combine this wonderful act into an exercise act, a way to loose weight.

Okay, making love, (having sex) is an exercise in itself. Our breathing increases. Our pulse raises. We move our bodies in different positions. We sometimes even get sweaty. All of this could be considered an exercise. In these terms, I believe in it is okay.

But when I am talking about exercise, I am talking about a routine, that one does on the basis for physical health or weight loss. When thinking like this and mixing these thoughts with making love (having sex), I believe it is wrong.

I was watching this television show that featured this couple, who was using their love lives as a diet tool. The woman bragged that making love burnt 200 calories for every 30 minutes. Then she went on to say how much weight she lost and how much her husband lost. She also even gave out diet tips that could help one’s sexual appetite. They even had a set number of times that had to “exercise” in a week. In case you were wondering, their number was eight. At first, I was thinking, “Wow, they were making love eight times a week”. Then I thought more and more about what she said.

She said to stimulate their “exercise” they would dance and even do exercises together. One exercise showed the man laying on the floor and she was doing what appeared to be a push up over his body, her breast moving up and down above his face. Of course, her work out clothes was a peep a boo negligee. At first, these things may sound sexy. But start thinking about doing these type of things every time. Sounds more and more like a warm-up to an exercise routine.

An exercise routine? To me, that does not sound romantic. I like romance. I like my love making to be mixed with romance.

Making love is a special act between two people. It isn’t something that should be planned or counted. When a couple makes love it is supposed to be when they want, need to be complete with their lover.

Life makes it hard sometimes to feel this connection, especially if you and your partner has been together for a while. It is also hard sometimes to keep nagging life thoughts from passing through your mind. You are kissing your lover and you wonder did I remember to pay the electric bill, the dog is barking, I need to feed him and on and on the thoughts try to enter your brain. Admit it you know what I am saying. Now picture that making love (having sex) is an exercise act for you and your lover. What kind of thoughts do you think you will be thinking? Do you honestly think you will be thinking wow, how hot is he, look at that body? Be honest. Wouldn’t you be thinking more on the lines of how many calories will I burn if I turn this way, if I move my leg like this. Admit it.

If you combine making love (having sex) as an exercise act, all the romance, all the passion will soon be gone. It is bad enough when you are trying to make a baby. With a lot of practice, soon things become routine and yes a chore. But at least then you have the bonus of a little bundle of joy. But if you use making love (having sex) as an exercise routine, too, things will become routine and you will only be burning calories.
In other words, you could be ruining your sex life.

Will you burn calories making love (having sex)? Of course, you will. But don’t count the calories you burn, don’t schedule your love lives like an exercise schedule. Keep the exercising in the gym and the lovemaking in the bedroom, living room, you get the idea.

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