Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women

Halloween isn’t just a kid’s only event. It has turned into an adult only holiday! It’s a chance for grown folks to explore their wild side. Some costume makers are making Halloween costumes that bear more skin than other costumes. Some are sold at adult novelty store across the county and online. Here are few examples of some sexy costumes for Halloween.

The Sexy Schoolgirl: One of the most popular costumes worn by women. It’s not the hardest costume to make. All you need is a white blouse, plaid skirt, necktie and white socks with black shoes.

The Genie: Rub the lamp, she comes out! This magical costume reminds many people of I Dream of Jeannie.

Little Red Riding Hood: This ain’t the little red riding hood your kids know and love. Sure she still have the red hood, but her skirt is little shorter than others. This costume will shock any grandmother out there.

The Gangster Doll: She’s gangster, and she’s one hot shot. This costume can be created in many different ways. Anyway you make it, it still looks hot.

The Sexy Cop: She’s the one officer every man wants to have handcuffed. To make this costume a hit, you need Blue top, mini skirt, matching thong, police hat, handcuffs and black stockings.

Ann B. Lance: In need of CPR or life saving help, this sexy 1st responder will save life and take your breath away.

The Cowgirl: Annie gets your gun and loaded with the hot costume that adds firepower to the old west.

The Gold Digger: I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger, but this costume ain’t for broke figures. She’s looking gold men got, and she won’t stop until she hits paydirt.

The Sexy Firefighter: She’s the one to call when you got a 3 alarm blaze or you need something extinguished. She got all the stuff you need to put out any fire.

The Mile High Pilot: Everybody knows the Mile High Club. However, she know how to take your there. This pilot costume is ready for take off with maximum velocity.

The Greek Goddess: Her beauty, wisdom and virtue are timeless. She worshipped by men and women alike. It’s the costume that turns up the heat when she enters the room. All will bow down to her presence. In addition, it’s not a complex costume to make.

The Pirate: She sails the see for booty, and she’s

The Superhero: She has superpowers the no other superhero has ever gone before. With her costume, she want make 1000 men bow to their knees.

The Go-Go Dancer: Remember those groovy 1960’s/1970’s? Relive those wild and free days with costume that very loose, yet very tight in all the right places.

Soda Pop Girl: Remember those Fanta Soda commercials. Now, you can look like those popular soda pop divas. The costume, like the soda, comes in many different colorful flavors.

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