Sexy Workouts for Every Woman

The Surgeon General recommends that adults get at least 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week. Unfortunately, the majority of adults (more than two-thirds) do not exercise as much as they need to. As a result, many adults are out of shape and overweight. But recently, a new form of exercise has been motivating women to work out; sexy workouts, including the striptease workout, are becoming surprisingly popular.

In addition to the health problems that being overweight can cause, overweight women can also suffer from low self esteem. The media is constantly bombarding women with images of models who have extremely thin, shapely figures. The average supermodel is 5″11′ and weighs 117 pounds, while the average woman is 5″4′ and weighs 140 pounds; in other words, models are on average 98 percent thinner than other women (Smolak, 1996). Most women are physically unable to attain the supposedly perfect forms of supermodels, and many women give up trying to look good at all.

Poor self esteem can negatively affect relationships. Many women have such negative body images that they have a hard time being intimate with their significant other. Sexy workouts – work outs that require the women exercising to move in a sensual manner – can improve self-esteem in two ways. First of all, women feel better about their bodies as they learn to use them in a sensual way. Secondly, women do actually lose weight through the workouts, which can be very intense.

During sexy workouts, women focus their attention of the torso, butt, and thighs because these are the areas that are considered sensual and feminine. These are also the most common trouble spots for women; women often store fat in these areas and have a hard time toning them. Therefore, sexy workouts can be especially effective, because they target the areas that need it most.

The striptease workout has seen a lot of success. Although some critics might find these workouts to be morally questionable, it is important to remember that the women are participating in the striptease workout for their own personal benefit. Although some women do decide to do a show for their husband or boyfriend, the workouts are not designed for professional advancement.

Striptease classes are available in some major cities; women who live in areas where the classes are not offered, as well as women who would prefer some privacy, can buy instructional tapes for home use. Women who are trying to decide whether they want to enroll in a class or practice at home should note that some classes may provide props, such as poles, that most individuals will not have at home, and instructors can provide personalized advice that videos cannot. Also, women who are trying to boost their self confidence may benefit from a little friendly public exposure, whether they want to or not. Of course, there is still a lot that can be learned from a tape, and tapes are certainly less expensive and more convenient.

Although the striptease workout is a hot trend at the moment, it is not the first sexy workout. Belly dance, also known as oriental dance, is a very old dance form that originated in the Middle East. The dance focuses movement on the torso, chest, and hips and is widely regarded as a very sensual dance.

Belly dancing has been popular in the West for decades now. Just like the striptease workout, belly dancing teaches women how to use their body in a sensual manner and feel good about their body. Belly dancing is also a very good workout. Additionally, belly dancing also has a rich history, and some women may feel more comfortable with this more respected form of sensual workout

Belly dancing classes are available in most cities. Women can also buy instructional videos for home use; there are many, many belly dancing videos on the market, some of which stress the dance’s aerobic aspects. Although there are a lot of excellent tapes available, women who are very interested in belly dancing and would like to learn more about the history and culture surrounding the dance should eventually take a class or even join a belly dancing organization; such organizations are quite common.

Most dance forms are sensual to some degree, and dancing of any type is a good workout. If striptease dancing and belly dancing do not appeal to some women, they could also consider other dances, such as hip hop and flamenco.

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