Shanty Creek in Bellaire, MI

Shanty Creek in Bellaire, MI is a HUGE (4,500 acres) resort for golfing in the warm seasons, and skiing in the winter. It is a very upscale lodging and is beautifully designed and maintained. I did not stay at Shanty Creek for the golfing or the skiing. I have stayed there two times, once just because and the other time for a few days on my honeymoon. Fortunately for me, I know a few people who work there and I was able to get a deeply discounted room. There is no way I would have been able to afford one night here at regular price.

For those who can afford it, I would highly recommend it. Shanty Creek in Bellaire, MI offers many different packages, such as spa packages and a Couples Package. These are really the cheaper way to go if you have something in particular in mind. For example, if you want to be pampered and have a mud wrap and massages, a Spa Package or a Deluxe Spa Package is the way to go. If the activities you wish to do don’t fall into one of their packages, simply pick and choose. They have a large and beautiful dining room with a massive fireplace and feels like you should be dressed to the nines, it’s so elegant. Shanty Creek also has plenty of places of resort outlets to shop at, tubing and snowboarding, an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool, and a fitness center.

Bellaire, MI hasn’t forgotten about the kids, either. Camp Gandy and Adventure Camp is for 5 to 12 year olds and includes, swimming, hiking, games, arts and crafts and more. For younger children, ages 2 months to 6 years, they have a childcare center. The kids can play while the parents ski or play a round of golf or get a massage at the Wellness Spa.

Both times I stayed at Shanty Creek, I was in a Summit guest room. The decor in these rooms is like most hotels – flowery drapes and blankets, a night table and a bible in the drawer. The beds are the best thing about the rooms. The mattresses were ultimate comfort and I slept so well and comfortably on these queen-size beds. The balcony overlooks the beautifully manicured lawn of the golf courses and the horizon and is spacious. My favorite thing was ordering “still in theatres” movies off the television. Both times I stayed, the room was immaculate, guest services was quick to answer a call for another pillow, and room service was a little painful on our wallet, but still quick and efficient.

I loved staying at Shanty Creek and wish I could stay there more often. There is so much to do that I couldn’t afford even with the deep discounts and so many activites. For those without a friend who happens to be employed there, the rooms start at about $100, not including tax, etc. The Wellness Spa and skiing and golfing do cost extra, unless you buy some sort of package. However, the swimming pools are free. If you can afford Shanty Creek and the massive amounts of activities it offers, by all means, stay here.

As for those hardcore golfers – I can’t say much about the course and what it entails because, well, I’m not a golfer and have never golfed at Shanty Creek. However, I thought it would be prudent to point out that Shanty Creek has numerous awards and recognitions and is considered Michigan’s best golf resort.

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