Sheer Cover vs Bare Minerals: Battle of the Mineral Powder Foundations

One of the newest crazes in foundation makeup is the invention of mineral powder foundations. Products like Sheer Cover and bare Minerals dominate this market. Mineral powder foundation makeup is 100% pure natural ingredients, free of oils, irritants, talc, and preservatives. Basically, products like bare Minerals and Sheer Cover are answers to a growing demand for natural products that work. Mineral powder foundations go two steps further than traditional liquid foundations and one step past those powder foundations that go on like a powder but cover like a liquid. By offering the amazing coverage of a liquid foundation, but eliminating the messy bottle, breakouts, and caked on look that many liquid foundations have, products like Sheer Cover and Bare Minerals have virtual taken over the mineral powder foundation market.

Although you might be tempted to believe that companies and products like bare Minerals are relatively new, you would be mistaken. Bare Minerals has been around since 1976. Personally, I just began seeing these products on infomercials about five years ago. There are many knock offs of these two great products, but I personally don’t see why anyone would settle for less than the real deal. You can buy bare Minerals online at their website or locally in their stores. To buy Sheer Cover you have to purchase it online or over the telephone directly from the company. I will provide ordering information at the end of the article. First though, we have to get down to the battle royal of Sheer Cover versus bare Minerals.

Ease of application and coverage would be the two major key points for any foundation liquid or powder. Sheer Cover goes on easily in a two-step process for their basic foundation. The first step is the actually powder mineral foundation. The second step is a white/ clear powder that sets and holds in place the mineral powder foundation. It really is as easy as that. I have to admit I did not believe this when I saw the somewhat cheesy infomercials for Sheer Cover early one Sunday morning. I had to get beyond these somewhat longwinded and not very believable testimonials and just tell myself I was willing to try anything to capture my old great looking skin.

I ordered Sheer Cover online and it came within five business days. The original powder foundation can be chosen in fair, medium, and dark tones, just like bare Minerals. I bought the fair powder. Sheer Cover came with two containers of foundation power. For me it worked to mix them evenly together half and half. The instructions do say you may want to play around with your combination to see what works for you. I took the application brush, swirled on some powder, and then completely repented of any negative thoughts I had had about the Sheer Cover commercials. I have to say I spent the next ten minutes staring in the mirror at my freakishly even toned skin. It was absolutely bizarre to see such even skin tone without a super caked on look. I quickly followed with the second step of the clear setting powder and applied the rest of my normal makeup.

In all fairness Bare Essentials goes on just as easily with almost exactly the same great coverage as Sheer Cover, with the addition of one step. So although Sheer Cover may win the application battle, bare Minerals does take the prize for coverage.

Bare Essentials offers the basic powder foundation, the setting powder, and then something they refer to as a warming powder. In the end I would have to say that Bare Minerals wins the coverage battle of Sheer Cover versus Bare Minerals due to the addition of the warming powder. It adds a nice glow that is very uniform and realistic. When I use Sheer Cover I just use my own bronze powder after applying the powder foundation minerals. When I use Bare Minerals I use their powder to make it look like I have been in the sun.

Both Sheer Cover and Bare Minerals are equally easy and quick to apply. They are both long lasting and actually do look extremely natural. Both Sheer cover and Bare Minerals come with their own application brush and require you to mix your basic foundation powders to get a match that is closest t your skin tone.

You can order Sheer Cover online at or by calling their 800 number at 1 800-270-5533. You can order bare minerals online at or by calling them at 888.795.4747.

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