Shelving Options

Lately it seems we are in the middle of a home organizing trend. We lead busy lives, so we have a desire for balance in our homes. Whether in the garage, closet or the home office, we need storage space. We need to get to get to our things, we need to put them out of the way, and we want to display our treasures.

That being said, we are not all “Do-It-Yourselfers” in the whole sense of the word. Not all of us have the vision, or time to complete home projects from start to finish. The most obvious answer is to consider ready-made shelving. Then look at what could easily be modified for use.

Office Furniture
Sturdy and built for everyday use, a basic metal or wood piece can be recovered with contact paper or spray paint. Also try spraying it with adhesive (that can be found in art supply store) and covering with fabric. Use a hot glue gun to apply trim.

Speaking of basic shelves, hang it sideways. Reinforce first of course, with a piece of lumber nailed or screwed to the “new” bottom.

Picture Ledges
They are not only for photos, but also for collectables and art. Help minimize clutter by putting things on the wall that would ordinarily take up table space.

Screwed together, try plastic ones with the rope handles for a beach themed bathroom. Lay them on their sides to stack on the floor; hang them on a wall. You can arrange them in a pyramid shape, a row, or even a grid pattern. The plastic material is easy to keep clean in a wet environment.

Also screwed or glued together, can be used outside for gardening supplies, or bring them into a garden themed kitchen.

School Lockers
Small ones can serve as a base with a platform for bed in a kid’s room. Stand two tall lockers for coats and hats, in entryway with bench in between. There is even plenty of room in the bottom for tall umbrellas.

Milk Crates
Spray paint and stack, insert wood or trays in the bottom for a flat surface. Place boxes inside so small items like crayons or puzzle pieces do not get lost.

Closet Organizers
The hanging shoe shelf is a good example of units that can go anywhere. Lightweight items, such as sweaters, stuffed animals find a home here. It would be handy in a craft room for holding yarn, inside or outside the closet.

Baker’s Rack
A home office may seem an unlikely place, but a baker’s rack has a flat surface for working and plenty of storage above and underneath. Place one in a large bathroom for extra towels and beauty supplies or in the hallway as a linen closet.

Hollow Core Doors
Instead of plywood, mount them to the walls with brackets for large items and boxes. They can be treated the same as lumber but are often cheaper and thicker as well. If there is a hole for the doorknob, fill with putty and let dry, then sand till it is even.

With a little creativity, you can have functionality without sacrificing style. Take a look around, you will see many items you already own can be used. But if you feel the urge to make a Target Run, I understand. I may even see you there.

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