Shopping Guide for Summer Fashion Trends

Summer is almost here, and for all fashionistas that means that it is time to go shopping for warm weather clothes. Here is how to stay up to date with all of the Summer ’06 trends on any budget. Top Trends:

1. Wedge Sandals: Goodbye to foot pain from wearing pointy stiletto heels. Wedges are an excellent alternative for those wary of super high heels because they add height but are much easier to balance in.

2. Oversized Accessories: From handbags to sunglasses oversized trend has taken over the accessories market. Oversized sunglasses give the wearer a glamorous look, and oversized handbags are an excellent way to carry around all of the stuff that you previously had to leave at home while carrying a tiny bad.

3. White: White dresses, camisoles, and skinny jeans are definitely a trend to avoid for people prone to spilling. However, if you are good at keeping your red wine in it’s glass and your spaghetti on it’s plate consider investing in some white pieces that will get you through the summer in style. Pair white dresses with a colorful piece of jewelry to avoid looking like you rolled out of bed in a nightgown.

4. Nautical Style: Blue and white stripes, gold accents, and boat neck style tops are all things which characterize the nautical trend. This trend is perfect for summer and a nautical striped top looks perfect with white Bermuda shorts or skinny white pants.

5. Lace: A tricky trend to pull off, most designers are making it easier by subtly adding lace as a detail or decoration rather than pumping out pieces with excessive amounts of the fabric. Wear a piece with a lace accent when you want to subtly dress up and otherwise casual outfit.

The best online shopping resources to find these trends:

Cheap: has dozens of wedge style sandals from brands like Isaac Mizrahi, Cherokee, and Merona. They range in price from $13.99 to $27.99 and have a wide variety of styles making it easy to find casual styles to wear with jeans, or dressy styles for the fanciest of occasions. They have sunglasses from the same designers and thanks to Target’s partnership with high-end designers like Mizrahi they are very good about keeping up with women’s trends.

Moderate: and have wedge sandals in the range of $60-$90. The styles by Steve Madden are slightly trendier than the Nine West ones and have a lot of styles similar to ones by high-end designers. and are good resources for accessories and trendy clothing. also has a large selection of moderately priced clothing.

Expensive: High end department store websites are a good source for anything expensive.,, or have wedge sandals from designers like Dolce and Gabbana, Christian Louboutin, and Prada. These shoes are mostly in the $300-$800 range. Try for a wide variety of trendy designers like Juicy Couture and LaRok-both brands have lightweight white slip dresses in their collections.

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